Saturday, February 16, 2008

Last Night a B-Boy Saved My Life


On the evening of Puddle Friday '08, I got home and
there was a card waiting
for me, that SJ had sent on Wednesday, clearly before
he had made up his mind.

I took it as a sign, and sent him two cards.

I also did other things that I had been thinking about
but hadn't gotten around to.

I ordered two new LSAT's, to check out how the exam is looking know.
I got some information on Berkeley's Public Policy Masters program.
I wrote a page of non-fiction about my mother and me.
I joined Glide.
I called my homie B who is in Seattle snowboarding, to see if I could
come up and visit him. He has been trying to get me to do that sh-t since
I e-mailed an elementary school principal and offered to help out his
their Saturday school.
I started bumping that new Clipse and Jay Electronica non-stop.

Listening to Jay Elec, he was right in the gristle with me
matching my intensity.

I didn't feel alone.

Peep the lyrics to Departure. Listen here.

As the tears welled up in my eyes, my momma said son what happen?
Sometimes I can't breath because theres so much crap man
I called on God but he don't call back man
I fight to stay sane while the devils laughin'

Last night I was across the tracks
Smoking on stank, sipping on drank
with Freddy and Black Teddy, just playing a crap game
when Brian came flying up the block like Batman
***Breathes, Huf, Huf....Minnie Got Killed, his wig got peel't in the Callie-0
By some 10th ward n-ggas that we barely know

I said hole up, wooh, wooh, wooh, you must be joking, but he wasn't laughing
thats when Freddy passed out in the grass and
thats when his mother came outside and said where's Minne?
I looked down at the ground and said I don't know where he's at m'am

Lump in my throat, I just lost my best friend
Connecticut Minnie with the East Coast accent

And to top it off, my older cousin Mookie
got caught with some
yellow cap vials of crank man
It's time for me to leave home, 'ma thats that man,
It ain't much there left for me to see as a Black Man

Imma spread my wings and pursue this rap thing
Kiss my baby sister and tell her I'll be back man
Im on I-10 Eastbound to Manhattan

Yes-sir thats rap land

A one way ticket, a trunk of clothes

I spent my last 25 cent on Pac Man
Mr. Bus Driver set me free,
Just take me to New York and let me be,

~Departed (c) Jay Electronica


When was the last time you used music
to get yourself through a rough spot?

What did you listen to?
What song do reflexively you skip in the ipod?



neo said...

Wow girl you in a zone with the blog entries...

I remember listening to a lot of Blueprint Jay when my ex broke up with me..Stillmatic was when I was trying to get through last year in school...I stayed on that intro..."I crept up from under the dirt, cleaning my shirt"

that was me..fam.

Model Minority said...

Wow girl you in a zone with the blog entries..


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