Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I Died and Went to B-Girl Heaven


Hip Hop Originals are pure Deliciousness.

Ivan @ Hip Hop is Read bringing his "A" game
the Black on Both Sides Originals, the
DOC originals and most recently the
Midnight Marauders
originals(via lyrics to go).

It was like, I died and went to B-Girl Heaven.

Noz has a link up to which has old Source issues.
Reading that sh-t makes me feel simultaneously
nostalgic and old. I listened to Evil D's pod cast,
every night this week.

SJ and I are in a holding pattern, so what better
than hip hop
to act as a momentary salve?

Oh. And you thought I analyzed the music industry
and the plight of the independent artist with zeal?
Justin at Audible Hype puts me to shame. With
articles such as "Want to be Successful, Stop
Studying the Music Business" and
"Music Business 2.0 Without the Bullshit".

He writes,

We all want to be successful. Nobody who
reads Audible Hype is looking for ways to
continue living in poverty, or working at jobs
they hate. So this article could be the most
crucial piece of advice I give in 2008. It seems
obvious, but given what I read on other sites,
and given the questions I get asked by readers,
it needs to be repeated: the “music industry” is
a multi-billion dollar total failure.
The only
justification for studying how it works is to
get a clear cut example of What Not To Do.
Reading his work is affirming simply because he cares so much.
So often people have soul/spirit/chutzpah beat out of them.
Especially industry folks, so its nice to encounter such
a renegade rebel with something constructive to say
about how an independent artist can manage his/her career.

Nas gave Ms. Info a n-gga t-shirt. Dude is bugged.
N-gga t-shirts during an election year.
Could you imagine cats in the crowd at an Obama
rally wearing them sh*ts. THAT, would be an interesting
moment in history. ( I think my demented side just came
  1. man// Says:

    nas better stop worryimg about album titles and
    t shirts and start makeing some good music like
    he used to do.alot of nas fan base is white and to
    wear a shirt to try to skare whites that had nothing
    too do with slavery isent gonna work too well.enless
    hes trying to skare the dudes who burnt his car down
    back in 92 in queens after he got sign, or camron .
    unless hes calling blacks niggers .but if he wants
    white people to get upset and think thats some
    type of a reverse ploy to makeing them upset i
    dont think its gonna work .they were laughing
    .but i wish nas luck no matter what hes allways
    one of the best. it just sometimes he does things
    to help bad people.figuar it out

The notion that Nas may offend his white fans with n-gga t-shirts,
White people listen Jim Jones, 50, Snoop, Game, Fat Joe etc
call each other n-ggas
all day long is worthy of a Ph.D level analysis.

While I am not equipped for such analysis, I most certainly
miss the opportunity to note the irony.

I have been listening to more hip hop all week. I can't live
with out my...hard drive? I was so space starved, I couldn't even
download photos to use for the blog, without deleting songs.

Thank gawd that era is over.

Why don't I own the new Pete Rock?
I stumbled across a new joint,
Half Man Half Amazing
at culture bully, and its the truth.


What would all these rappers be doing with out Hip Hop?

What would this country be like without Hip Hop?

Hip Hop originals, nice?



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout! Glad to know people are paying attention and digging what I do.

M.Z. said...

Based on the various background of rappers, anything from slangin' on the corner to campaigning for Obama (and everything in between)

You need to get the originals for American Gangster in your life. I'll hit you with the link this weekend.

Honestly at some point I want an ipod just of the songs sampled for albums in album order.

Model Minority said...

JUSTOOOO...Keep doing whatchu do man.

For treal.

Model Minority said...

Honestly at some point I want an ipod just of the songs sampled for albums in album order.

Man. Listen. You don't know about my biggie wars.

neo said...

Good question. I think about it sometimes.

Bun (of UGK) said he'd be in Engineering school. Dude is really intelligent and even pimp before he passed said bun is nice with numbers.

Shoutouts to ivan aka Hurricane ivan bka hyvan roff..that's my dude..

Model Minority said...

hmpppp...that would be a fly the emcees and what they would be doing...rather than selling cracks and/or rapping.

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