Thursday, February 07, 2008

Thoughts on Lauryn Hill & Britney Spears


I have been thinking lately about the similarities
between Britney
and Lauryn.

Off the top of the dome, it would appear as if they
have nothing in
common, but think again.

They are both single mothers, they both have earned
a ton of
money for themselves and their labels, and they
appear to be having a nervous break down
in front of our eyes.

People love talking about them. Its almost as if
derive a sense of pleasure out
observing the fact that Britney
has lost her children,
has been in a mental facility twice in the last two months
and that her estate is in a conservetorship.

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Britney Spears and her estate were placed under court-ordered temporary conservatorship Friday, a day after the pop star was taken to a psychiatric hospital.

It was not immediately clear who would act as conservator. The singer's parents, mother Lynne Spears and father James Spears, were in Superior Court for the hearing.

A court creates conservatorships when a person cannot care for themselves or handle his or her own affairs.

The public treatment of Lauryn and Britney tell me
something very particular about society.
Their treatment underscores the fact that our culture
doesn't take mental illness serious.

Its not like it's a knee injury or a back injury where the scar
and source of the pain is visible. It's a a little bit more subtle.

The sad thing about it is that if Britney were to pass away
as a result of her destructive behavior,
I seriously doubt that we would be able to see that she was
in a tremendous amount of pain.


Have you ever had to intervene to help a friend?

Were you successful?

Why don't people take mental illness seriously?



neo said...

I think the only diff may be that Lauryn has a lot of ppl rooting for her, wanting her to get better, they want to see her win. However with Britney I get the feeling cats really have been looking to put her down, and finally found their moment. I think in the court of public opinion she lost favor when she broke up with Justin who was labelled, "good guy" and she "bad girl"

I mean you have ppl who've even reached to make the conclusion that since she broke up with him its been downhill from there...

Model Minority said...


You really think that there is that much of a difference?

I mean...hella people have written L off blood.

CiCiWryter said...

Seems like people see a thin line between weakness and mental illness, but aint no beatitudes or compassion for either. Clef and the other one's complaints are suspect. Clef=basically irrelevant w/o L-Boogie and the other one-is he even eatin w/o her?
My opinion Lauryn seems more eccentric than ill and a lil heavy handed with the makeup..her words seem sound to me-she's protecting her gift and her babies..nothing crazy 'bout tht but the public just wants an new music-don't care about the cost to her personally. Name one famous, careered mom that has been shown love since Mary and Jesus? Mama=most disrespected job EVER!! Never checked for Brit but she seems like a case of arrested development. pimped out lil girl finally brave enough to throw a tantrum for her lost childhood and they still pimp her pathos. Shame plays a big part in the whole mental illness equation for reglar folks but when they're talented and famous they're valuable dead or alive or 'crazy'.
***I so stan for your blog M.Dot and resolved to comment this year but damn if it aint already Feb.better late than never, no?

Anonymous said...

Nuh uh. Cuz I'm mentally ill myself. Blind can't lead the blind.

neo said...

Ppl have written L off, but ppl are still hoping she comes back to her senses...the same ppl who write her off still want to see her win. With Britney, not so much.

LOL @ afrochic: Don't want to turn this into a debate but you're seriously not saying Clef who's still in the biz making hits is no longer relevant right? Its easy to blame Clef for L's problems but we can't make it all about dude..I don't think that's fair.

CiCiWryter said...

Neo, me on it. a lil debate i s good for the soul.but it's not his musical skills that I meant, he is the best. he was recently on the radio freestyling with an acoustic guitar and I could have listened to him all day. and I don't blame him for L's issues,AT ALL, but I don't think his show @ hob sold out and I don't know if he moved that many units of his latest work. seems like he makes hit music for others but what he did for himself hasn't had the same impact w/o L....that's what I meant by relevant. and mostly clef had not dissed her in the media but his attacks on her mental health seemed personal after she was said to be making unusual demands for production credits if the fugees hooked up just seem like powerplays between a scorned woman and a man that's moved on. I meant no diss to his skills.

Model Minority said...

it just seem like powerplays between a scorned woman and a man that's moved on

THAT SHIT is so personal in my life right now....I can't really EVEN speak on it w/o tearing up or wanting to fight or wanting to do both at the same time.

neo said...

..and that's the thing @ afrochic. I don't know why both of them haven't moved on...of course L prolly took the worst emotional beating out of the whole thing but its just weird. They're both in new r/ships yet still have baggage..well that's a lot of ppl anyway in every day life. Its all about learning to let go, something they both need to do and I think that's why the fugees can't work because of those grudges. Person I feel for is Pras, somehow he got in the middle of all that as it happened.

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