Monday, February 04, 2008

I Wonder What Malcom Would Think of Obama


I am currently read Grace Lee Boggs', autobiography and
she is talking
about organizing in Detroit during the
1963 Uprisings. I just left off where
Malcolm has recently
visited Detroit and gave the Ballot or the Bullet speech.

There was one section, in particular that I found surreal in light

of the fact that we are on the eve of nominating a white
woman or Black man as a presidential nominee.
She writes,

"The Black revolution in he North is less than six months old.
Beginning in Birmingham as a sympathy movement for the South it has now begun to work out its own philosophy...The Black revolution of The North is also confronted more directly with economic issue than the revolution in the south. In the South Negros are still fighting for the right to equal access to public accommodations and for the right to register and vote.....But the North already have these rights..."
Boggs goes on summarizing Malcolm saying,
" ...A Negro Revolution and Black revolution are not the same thing .....A negro
Negro revolution is the kind which liberal whites could accept because it would simply incorporate the back man into the corruption of existing white society...A Black revolution would center around struggle for the control of land..."

Trillion Dollar Budget. Check.
[How you gonna claim you ride for small government and propose
the largest budget in the history of the country].
President Bush submitted a federal budget of $3.1 trillion on Monday, declaring that the spending plan would keep the United States safe and prosperous and, despite its record size, would adhere to his principle of letting Americans keep as much of their own money as possible.

$125B Stimulus. Check.

Cuts to Medicare. Check. What tha f#%*?
MONDAY, Feb. 4 (HealthDay News) -- President Bush's new budget proposal would cut $196 billion over five years from both Medicare and Medicaid -- programs that provide health care to millions of poor and elderly, federal officials announced Monday.

The budget will produce a deficit of 410 billion dollars this year and 407 billion dollars next year, up sharply from last year's 162.8 billion dollars, a five-year low.
How did WE get here?


Oh. Happy Negro History month.

Civil rights demonstrator attacked by a police dog on May 3, 1963, in Birmingham, Alabama.

Prompted by the revived Ku Klux Klan and by the quickly organized White Citizens Councils, the general reaction of the white South to the sit-ins and other civil rights demonstrations of the 1960s was violence. Bill Hudson/AP


Reactions? Thoughts?



She Hate Me said...

I don't know if Malcom would agree with Obama on all of his points, but he would see his ideas and his hope.

I know that sounds shallow, but it's the truth.

Obama has hope. Malcom wanted action. Hope sometimes doesn't respond well to action.

neo said...

..and the beat goes on.

I don't think Malcolm would side with 'Bama..well I mean Malcolm pre-Mecca. Post maybe but not all the way..somehow I think he would be one of those saying, "eh, Obama's a nice fellow but he outta touch."

Model Minority said...

"eh, Obama's a nice fellow but he outta touch."

Yeah. Hmmmp.

I don't know.

I drank some "O" kool-aid blood....

Anonymous said...

Obama is caught in what I call the Brown-horse Trap: brown horses eat more hay than white horses eat -- because there are more of them.
Just as one brown horse eats the same amount of food as one white horse, but in total browns eat more than whites, so it is in our elections in which one black/white/brown/etc. voter has the same number of votes (one) as any other, but there are more white and brown voters than black voters. To win an election in which the highest *total* votes determine the winner, Obama has to gain votes from other groups.
Malcom and Obama chose different venues to bring us improvements. Malcom used confrontation from an undeniable moral ground and kept grinding at the immoral barriers he found until they gave way. He pushed us to significant advancements in our society. Obama chose elected office in a *representative* government, which history shows is obtained by finding common ground with the majority of whom you seek to represent. Confronting voters with their moral deficiencies makes heroic campaigns but rarely victorious ones: Ralph Nader was on yesterday's presidential ballot in California, again, for both the Green and Peace-&-Freedom Parties but he had much more success being Malcom than Obama.
Let Obama be Obama -- he's not out of touch; he found a path that will get brown horses to do much more for black voters.

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