Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Shakes Head in Shame


Ig'nant Negro Moment # 82

So 50 thinks that Kanye is wrong and that George Bush Loves Black people. Well, he did not really say that George Bush loves Black people but he did say that "I think people responded the best way they can."Dude is 50 pulling an Eazy E? Yall remember when Eazy got down with the republican party? he claimed it was out of "curiosity"hmmmmm the republican party was so real to black ppl in the 80's...I find that hard to believe. What the EFF is the government if NOt for the PEOPLE. 50's statment confirms my hunch that black people and self hate go together like Bobby and Whitney, like Tyson and ears, like Snoop and Dre. I am sure 50 pays a grip of TAXES. TAXES which are intended to pay for items necessary to run a city...schools, police, firemen/women, levees in Negro neighborhood.


I think it would be interesting if 50 said something, PUBLICLY about:

How knowing how to read is NOT acting white
How to avoid three strikes
About how much of what we see in Hip Hop is like wrestling


MZPEACH said...

Yeah that was an ignorant moment for 50. He had some balls for saying it. But I really don't think he knew what he was talking about of even cares too much about politics.

M.Dot. said...

True..but if you are not Knowing..shet your yapp dude and just concentrate on the Black on Black Violence...which he is apparently a master at....

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