Monday, November 14, 2005

What I Hate about Hip-Hop


1. That Damon Dash( and his brethren) have not invested money in buying real estate in the 'hood NYC to demonstrate:
a. Owning your own property is one of the most, if NOT the most single important investment you can make w/ your cash. Nigg@, do what Magic did but on a real estate level. Fresh.
b. Entertainment money can be used to flip the QUALITY of life of the people who loved hip-hop in the beginning.

2. I have no problem, w/ your 50, your Snoop or any other of your garden variety misogynistic emcess. [ Even though 50 ain't show is booty in his film..but WE can parade around his videos jiggling like our lives depended on it]. The problem is that the YOUNG BUCK's listening to the music have NO analytical skills. [Ironically, watching Get Rich last week, and when I saw them in the shower scene I IMMEDIATELY THOUGHT, umph, as many Black women are on view in his videos, I wonder if he is gonna show his booty. Nope. The director positioned the shot so that 50's was covered, but Terrence Howards WAS exposed. Hanging around that FILM KIDS has helped me hone the my ability to think about the CHOICES that a directors make in movies.] I want young bucks to THINK ABOUT the choices and undercurrents of the images that they see.
This weekend I realized that I spend more time reading about and analyzing music, videos, songs and lyrics than actually hearing it first i.e. the Alicia Keys lyrics to Unbreakable...How are you going to open up a song with..."Like Ike and Tina"....not okay fam.

3. That no one wants to be accountable for the lyrics they spit. You can assert your 1st amendment rights. Thats cool. But at the end of the day....the young bucks are still looking up to you.....still memorizing your rhymes...etc....The more appropriate stance would not to be say, "I ain't raising there kids" thats their parents job...true, true in deed. However, when ever someone needs to put out a mix tape, get the buzz up or simple kick it, the first thing they do is run to the hood. The hood filled with all those 'lil kids that idolize you. Reciprocate the love fam. Easy.


Mealone said...

Thank you for stopping by our boring blog.

Listen, you have a fabulous nose. I am sure you know this because of the profile picture you took! Stunning (this not a nose fetish but I appreciate a nice nose!)

Anyway, I agree about those hip hop moguls putting back into the community. It makes sense and would make us as a whole not the impoverished group of people they are labeling us as.

Hummingbyrd said...

Awww. Meal it is 12/11/05 and I am just now reading this...thank you for the shout appreciating the nose...I like my *beak* too....:)

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