Saturday, November 19, 2005

Today was a good day...


Good Morning blog family. It is chilly outside. I have allready ran a mile and SHALL brunch in about an for the news....
Apparently Sway is making moves at MTV from being producer to being an owner ( Thats good, cuz, a sista would love a job putting together his contracts and negoiating the details...gotta keep that 'Town money up the family.

The world is a ghetto. A beatiful ghetto.

The post secret card of the week is deep. **Warning. Take a breath before you click. Trust. I have found a couple new blogs I like.

I found hers and felt immediatly at home. Like I allready knew her. Weird hunh?

Dude. Two new
baby pandas. I am in PANDA HEAVEN.

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jb said...

'preciate the shout.


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