Wednesday, February 14, 2007

17 Billion Spent on Valentines Day.


Whenever I see Black women on magazines I am reminded of the fact that when Black women are on the cover of magazines, the mag's sell 30-40% less than when a white women is on the cover.

According to the magazine editors, black faces do sell - at least, if the personality is well-liked. If she isn't, it won't, it's as simple as that, and it has nothing to do with colour.

"There are a limited number of (black) subjects that we can use," says Sam Baker, editor of Cosmopolitan.

"There is one I won't name because she is quite litigious, but is really not very popular with readers, and you want to feature subjects that people actually like. Cosmo has featured Beyonce and Mel B, so I know that placing black women works."

What dismayed me was that so few editors even thought about their cover choices in terms of race or colour. If you grow up and mix with people who look like you, and if you haven't met anyone who doesn't, then you wouldn't think about fashion advice or make-up tips going beyond your clique.

Here's to the Yonce for closing the gap. She is on the COVER of this years Sports Illustrated SWIMSUIT ISSUE. That girl gives me HIP ENVY.

I ain't make this sh*t up. This was out of the mouth of a Parsons Media Design
student. Deep hunh.


Kiplingers says 17B is spent on Valentines. The National Retail Foundation says 13.2B.
Either way you slice it its, HELLLA PAPER N*GGA. This is my first single V-tines day, in how many years? I think I need two hands to count. Don't cry for me Argentina. Actually I feel less pressed.

Its cool to not be worried about what im gonna or not gonna get.

It helps when you have jump off representing lovely and don't mind puttin in nat twerk. Heeey.

Last year, BL and I HAD HELLA FUNK. He was on some, "I don't feel society telling me what and when I should spend". That was cool. But then I was like, "Didn't you spend HELLA PAPER for XMAS 7 weeks ago?".

Xmas is different apparently.

Looking back on this time last year reminds me that the dope thing about being neurotic is that your life is allways different than it was last year.

A fellow scandless a*s blogger had a jawn use her major department store discount
to buy the next jawn a v-tines present.

He Buggin!

Which leads me to the question of, what are your v-tines best/worst gift stories? Or rant about how you hate the sh*t in general.


Did I mention that its snowin' hella hard, and I need to go to the library? I feel like if I walk outside, Im not gonna be in Kansas anymore.



neo said...

I shrugged at the day..and k.i.m

I got a bunch of texts, one e-card and two phone calls..all womens-es.

M.Dot. said...

I got a coupla text.

Sh*t it snowed up a storm so I was inna house.

I just didn't feel pressed you know.

Like. Not angry. Not sad. I guess I had a date w/ evidence and the ironic part about it is that when I woke up this morn, I was looking forward to continuing it this morn. >>>>Imma nerd<<<.

Oh. K.I.M. Hot.

Errrr, I woke up this morning and debt w/ some debt issues, Im BALLLLLLIN.
Well not really. I just allievated some heavy stress on my spirit.

Now I just have to deliver the cash. And the world will be allright.

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