Saturday, February 24, 2007

This N*gga said I couldn't call him a N*gga.


So I am newly single.
I got a lil e-date jawn poppin off. So me and this cat are talking, exchanging info, via email last Thursday morning, in between my evidence assignment. Peep the interaction.

Me: So are you seperated as in she has a drawer fulla pannies in your bedroom and a toothbrush in the bathroom.

Him:No, I am seperated as in you should come over and check and see.

Me: N*ggas allways want to come overy they house when they don't know you
but when the DO know you, th
ey ain't want you around.

Him: Please don't call me a n*gga... blah blah blah.

Me: First of all some of my friends like it, some of them don't.
b. I ain't gonna lie like imma change,
b/c I am probably not.
c. My language is connected to my humanity. Therefore in the name
of Zora, short of being @ work or in a professional setting, I am going to

speak the way I see fit.

Thats too bad, because you are cute and smart.

Yeah, you are sexy too.

Later sweetheart.


I mention this because I came across the "N" word conference in Alabama.

Clarence Sutton Sr., president of the Tuscaloosa chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, said he's taken deep offense to the slur since a 1960 incident when a knife-wielding white youth slapped him and said "Nigger, you wanna fight?"

"From that time on in my life, the word nigger was personal. I associated it with the hate and the very deep disdain that this gentleman had perpetrated on me at the time," he said.

These days, Sutton said, it's mostly other blacks he finds using the word.

"I'm fighting now because we have lost a generation of young people who don't know the history associated with that word," Sutton said.

No. You there are SOME kids in this generations who don't KNOW a LOT of sh*t about a lot of shit.
Ensuring that they have Critical thinking skills is more effective than some kockamamie conference on N*ggas.

First of all, don't you think that our resources could be used for better things:

a. Like addressing the sh*t that Bill Cosby keeps ranting about.

b. Revising the Rockefeller mandatory sentencing laws.

c. Holding public school superintendents and Black Mommas and Daddies accountable for being complicit in under education of Black children.

d. Making sure that Black families don't lose their homes to forclosure as a result of taking a predatory loan.



How you gonna have a discussion about the word N*gga w/o the Analysis of and Presence of White people.

For trill.

The word says just as much about us, as it does about them and our history together in this country.

========= I came in on the slunder w/ a lil Saturday morning post.



Unknown said...

i gotta say man, you real funny for the yellow chick photo.

Anonymous said...

Hmm..if I black "grown" women called me a nigga, I would have to check her on that quick. If he called you a bitch would you say something?

btw: I love your site.

Unknown said...

i was thinking about this some more and i was wondering why you feel so committed to the word...even when someone ask that not call them that.

i use the word sometimes too but i respect and defer to other people's preference about the issue.

just curious.

M.Dot. said...

@ MDean


B*tch and N*gga are differnt.

N*gga has a history in this country and is inextricably tied to the ambivilant history and relationship that n*ggas have with both white people and America as whole.

Well. B*tch & black women.

Um. You calling me one would be unwarranted.

If you called me that not knowing me, it Would be interesting.

& Calling a Black woman a b*tch typically constitutes fighting words.

M.Dot. said...

@ M.

Dont get it twisted.

I defer to people but dude DONT know me, so F*ck him, his loss.

There is a time and place for everything.

He came across as a tight wad. Im cool on that.

neo said...

I don't see how N***a and B**ch are different though...really I don't. Both are denigrating and derisive slurs thrown at minority groups both women and black people in general.

Personally, I've never gotten why folk in our generation think its cool throwing the term around..but whatever.

M.Dot. said...


Im rubbing neo the wrong way this week.

Anonymous said...

ur wack, i couldn't believe some of the bullshit on this post. open ur eyes, open them wide and look behind you, look back at the pain and suffering of ur people. you have no respect, ur ignorant, and u should feel damn stupid for doing this. pshhht, ur sad, imma hope that you learn more about yourself, because where you come from is part of who you are. maybe one day you will.

neo said...

LOL. Nope..I don't get flustered that easy. I can respect your opinion....just as I have mine..that's what the comment box is for at the end of the day right?

M.Dot. said...

damn stupid

Thats new.

M.Dot. said...

I don't get flustered that easy

Nigerians who don't get flustered are sexy.***shows cheeks and gap in teeth when I smile.

neo said...

*lets out hoarse Nigerian laughter*

Are you flirting with me hummingbyrdie...(I think its cute, american girls with gap teeth are..)

M.Dot. said...

Are you flirting with me hummingbyrdie...(I think its cute, american girls with gap teeth are..)================

Hey hey heeeeey.

You made me smile.

Good Morning ES.B.

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