Monday, February 05, 2007

America Likes Nice Black Men.


I was on the train from Harlem last night after the superbowl and I heard this white boy going on and on about how Dungy was such a "nice" guy and it was great that he won the superbowl.

And I began to think.

America Likes Nice Black men.

So here is my list. Nice Black men. AND Not Nice Black men. It would make a great video game if we gave them guns and so they could kill each other, right.

Nice Black Men.
Muhammad Ali (New School)


Lovie Smith

Tony Dungy.

Bill Cosby

Forest "I thought he was British" Whitaker

Michael Jordan

Eddie Murphy.

Colin Powell.

Will Smith.

Chris Rock.

Not Nice Black Men

Muhammad Ali (Old School)

Spike Lee



Mike Tyson


James Brown

Al Sharpton

Deon Sanders

Randy Moss

Huey Newton



I know I missed some people. Feel free to add on to the list.



neo said...

Oh the irony of it

but that's our reality here in the good ol' country.

M.Dot. said...

I knew you would like it.

Anonymous said...


doubled checked to make sure but you forget Malcolm X for not so nice black men,
Just thought of another one Nat Turner,
I will also say Paul Mooney, b/c think it would make him happy to be on the not so nice black men list

And don't forget about Wayne Brady for nice black men, and Al Roker and the Guy from the Green Mile what's his name again.

The Minority Reporter said...

So since Martin Lawrence was on Oprah today you can add New School Martin to the nice black guys list and You So Crazy Martin to the latter...

Ooh also Bryant Gumbel and Tiger Woods to the nice Black men list...of course

Unknown said...

Ummm...I think Jay-Z is making the "nice" list these days, too. C'mon! Super Bowl ads? Sports teams?? Danica Patrick in a vid??? Sounds like he's on the list to me!

"Bad" list (and I love this man!): Allen Iverson.

neo said...

Actually Bryant Gumble is in the 'bad guys' list. Lots of media ppl HATE dude..

-jkg said...

morgan freeman is a nice black man. he's so nice i want to hug him. ok maybe i dont.

is diddy nice? possibly. i wouldnt hug him though. id just give him a pound or something.

The Minority Reporter said...

my bad...well can i take Al Roker for $200 Neo?

Anonymous said...

you must not know eddie murphy from the 70s and 80s.

A List of mainly sports figures(who are one-dimensional in terms of human value), isnt much evidence.

America is fickle towards its 'celebreties", black or white.

Anonymous said...

We like it when they "sell out" to the masses. Uncle Tom is less threatening than Uncle Tupac.

Anonymous said...

America loves deion sanders.

vik said...

yooooo m dot!

no one mentioned our man WESLEY AUTREY.

GDUBBZ has already invited dude to two white house events.


they LOVE the nice black men. i'm gonna steal some inspiration for a future post at bioslang from this post.

PEACE: did you survive our freeze????

Unknown said...

Additions for the Nice Black Man list:

Bryant Gumbel (media people may hate him but it doesn't keep him off TV)
Greg Gumbel
Byron Allen
Grant Hill
David Allen Grier
Cuba Gooding Jr.

two men who straddle:
Charles Barkley
Kobe Bryant

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