Monday, February 05, 2007

Don't Name Your Baby Qua'Shaya.


So the ZestyLeo has decided to name her daughter "Brooklyn", if its a girl. Upon hearing that. I said, you better not do that to that child, she will need to be able to get a job in the future.

Bear in mind that the baby is not gonna be Black but Mexican & Jewish. The fact still
remains. Babies need to get jobs as adults, and discrimination is trill!

In a timely and ironic twist The invite/ card for the Joe Ovelman show that I went to on Saturday listed hella negro names crossed out a la Basquiat, nice touch.


Joe took polariods of brown people and also had them take of him.

He then had them write their names underneath his face.

He tied it together with James Baldwins quote, "as long as you are white,
I will be black." (Hot right!?!?!).

And then the chickens came home to roost.

The second part of the exhibit was a interactive piece where I listened to rap songs with "n*gga" in the title.

Here is the irony. Wil.e stays on me about calling him a n*gga. If you know me you know that I use that sh*t. Its a birth right.

However, some n*ggas be trippin', so we constantly go back and forth over that jawn.

Its deep that a white boy put the list together.

In listening to the songs in the art gallery, I felt ashamed and delighted.

Ashamed because someone so personal was on display in a gallery.

Delighted that Joe, decided to call attention to it the way that he did WITHOUT preaching.

Truth be told. Some of the songs straight knock too.

The most surprising thing about the show were these miniture figurines of lynched people.

They actually would make cute earrings. However I don't think that is what Joe had in mind.

The figurines are subversive in that they are the smallest, and disposable of the show.

Yet they represent something so heinous and central to American history- the violence of lynching human beings.


My Bears loss.

Go Dungy.



Anonymous said...

Looks like an interesting exhibit. In the book FRekanomics, they have a whole chapter on how names effect the life of people both white and black. and also the patterns of how people are named by decades. Check it out


M.Dot. said...

I read Freakanomics a minute ago.

I don't remember that chapter.

I also read alot.

So that could have something to do with it.

How you been?

neo said...

the bears are who we thought they were...

Miz JJ said...

That show sounds really interesting. Reminds me of damali ayo's work.

The Bears just weren't ready.

M.Dot. said...

@ Neo.

You know imma Dallas Fan so stop.

@ms jj.

They are similar to Damali's. But she doesn't really traffic in hip hop, does she?

The Minority Reporter said...

And no mention at all of Mr. Purple making it Reign on dem oohs

M.Dot. said...


You know he had to tie his hair up to keep the rain from makin' it "go back".

The Minority Reporter said...

Oh snap, I forgot to say that I had a whole series of emails based on the Baldwin quote...dude’s words are always going to be relevant

His letter to Angela Davis is always going to be one of my favorites...just cause it hits me on one of those "REAL" personal notes

"You know he had to tie his hair up to keep the rain from makin' it "go back"

Girlll, u know i was saying the same damn thing!!!

neo said...

But ain't that the truth tho? I mean on offense they're who we thought they were...if you followed football at all all year long you should've known something was wrong with that offense *cough* Grossman *cough

Just saying...

AFC >>>

M.Dot. said...

.if you followed football at all all year long
Listen her F*ckwad, I am a cowboys/pitsburg green team/Herm Edwards (cuz he look like my daddy) fan.


I know Grossman was hella weak.

But. BUT.

The bears Defense was nasty.

Defense don't make champs though. Verdad?

However, Dungy 'nem was nice on the d and o and that what makes champs.

Anonymous said...

You had me right until you got to the N word...yeah it's a birth right to use it...but do you realize how many white people are using your use of it, as justification for them using it too? Stop the madness and stop saying it cause you think it makes your sound hood, or cool, or down or whatever.

There is a new video circulating of Paris Hilton, saying it, not once but twice. She also calls someone a F*g and makes fun of some chick because she went to public school.

Obviously, Paris is a dip shit. But, what is scary is that she feels no fear of recourse for using those words. And she has it right, because not only did she say it on tape, but not many people have had too much to say about it. Especially in the media. Because she is Paris, it's okay for her to be rasict. How crazy is that?!

She thinks it's cool to say it because you do. Stop saying it and the issue goes away.

M.Dot. said...

First of all.

My momma is in Oakland California.

Now that we have THAT out of the way, ain't 'nare n*gga gonna every TELL ME what language I choose to use ABUSE, f*ck up, mispronounce and/or butcher.

Black People Will BE BLACK as long as white people are white.

Your statement presumes that just because Black people don't say n*gga, white people gone stop, n*gga please.

White people are going to continue to do what they do and tell a n*gga to come and clean up the mess.

Double standards abound ALL DAY LONG.
I personally LIKE the n*gga double stanard.

It is a great consolation prize for knowing that I will have to work twice as hard as my white peers, to only get half the recognition.

My langauge is connected to my humanity.

Every persons language is connected to their humanity for that matter.

Why you think White Slave Owners gave Phillis Wheatly a pass when they found out that she wrote poetry?

Why do you think that it was ILLEGAL for slaves to read? White n*ggas rationed that Beasts don't read.

Black english is complicated because Black peoples HISTORY IN THIS COUNTRY IS COMPLICATED.

Who else on this planet, has been enslaved, lynched, under resources and undereducated, yet is still up sing and dancing giving the world some of the best music/art it has ever seen/heard.

I protect my language the way I protect my skin.

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