Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I Sold Watuh Last Year or Beyond Beats and Rhymes is Dope.


My top ten favorite moments in the Documentary: Beyond Beats and Rhymes:

1. Seeing Stephen Hill from BET walk away from Byron when asked how he felt about the Black male images on BET.

2. Hearing dude being interviewed on the street say, I SOLD WATUH last summah. WHAT!

3.Seeing dudes grab girls booties and assert that they had a RIGHT to tap-a-@ss at BET's Spring Bling. All I could think was, these sistas ain't got guns. ('yall know I'm violent: Tre ironic hunh? lol).

5. Seeing Jada Kiss ask Byron "What Kinda Movies you Watch?", when Byron asked Jada about his murked filled lyrics.

6. Where was Greg Tate?

7. Berverly Guy-Sheftall is hella fresh. I been Liked her. But seeing her on camera confirmed the fact that she is my auntie in Atlanta.


9. Realizing that I know Asha Jennings from Oakland.

10. And Finally. Hearing dudes on the street say, "If you take that rightous rap to the labels, they ain't trynna hear that".


Hip Hop Docs Rock!



Edgar C. said...

they most definitely do...hip hop docs that is

LightDigga said...

funny you mention this piece. i was mostly bored watching it because most of it was old info.

the most interesting part for me was hearing somebody breakdown how the face of hip hop changed once the indie labels were bought by large corporations, with WBs making all the decisions about who gets on.

Hummingbyrd said...

@ ld
Hell yeah girl. Why you think I wanna f*ck w/ Goldman Sachs anyways. Its like dude. Enough w/ the damn protest, lets get some equity that allows us to makes some decions in this mutha-.

neo said...

Basically @ 10.

As a righteous rapper however, I'm like "screw all the politics and accompanying bullcrap, I'mma pave my own lane"

Hummingbyrd said...

Basically @ 10.

Thats dope concept.

Hi Neo.

How tejas?

J!!! said...

the Doc was cool

the girl Paula zahn on CCN, who is always "tackling" issues on race is doing an hour long special on hip hhop tonight at 8 on CNN


Check it out and hopefully there will be a post on this one too

I Sold water last summer. HOLLA!!!

streff said...

funniest part was when he says to the white dude in his dad's suv, "i'm sorry did you just say 'colored'?"

Hummingbyrd said...

@ streff.
Hell yeah.

It reminds me about how n*ggas is hella juiced off Obama, but they ain't really peepin' how hella people in this country HATE n*ggas AND would shoot a black presidential candidate on SITE ock.

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