Thursday, February 15, 2007

Currrrrtissss: 50 Starts '07 Off w/ a Bang.


Do you think Jay would have answered the phone if Cam called HIM while he was Hot 97?

The top ten funniest things about this video:

1. Setting the tone w/ the GQ photograph.

2. Cam Ghost ridin' tha whip.

3. Dude @ at the end of the video saying:

If you don't f*ck with the street and you a legit
muthafucka you got a pass, If you fuck with the street, you a @sshole. Cuurrrrtis.
4. A simulated 50 wearning a gorrila mask and NYPD hoodie. Scandless!

4. Cam poppin' out the casket.

5. Cam rapping and fryin' up bacon in the bodega kitchen. Priceless.

I can't say that he is lacking in charisma. HE NEEDS HIS OWN MTV SHOW.

My only question is, which of these two cats has projects coming out in the 1st or 2nd quarter?


Watchu think?



neo said...

Without a doubt both 50 and Cam are comedians should've put up the 50 vid, it gets hilarious at the end.

Jay prolly wouldn't have. For the simple fact that responding by mentioning his name on a song does two things:

1. Immortalizes a middleweight as a potential threat..Nas responded to Cam' the same way Jay did, mention him in such a way ppl will know whom you're talking about but not give him the respect of calling him out..

2. Potentially could've resurrected cam's career.

Make no mistake, Cam will prolly not sell more albums 'cos of this supposed beef. Jay did respond to Jimmy but Jimmy was actually 'relevant' at the time. It was obvious from the jump cam's diss was an attempt to draw Jay into his cesspool of tomfoolery.

In the end imo, cam' stands to lose more from this battle. 50 will sell 'cos *gasp* its 50. Cam' on the other hand doesn't seem to have support from his own crew. As a matter of fact you even wonder why the heck Jimmy and all 'o'em weren't up in that video? At least for Cam to prove that Jimmy and co still ride for him when 50 basically called their union/brotherhood or whatever out.

Anonymous said...

I like Cam but he lost. Song and video is wack.

Like 50 or not whenever he talks he says it like it is. Hes "articulate" (c) Joe Biden and he kept his cool in the interview. Anyone who heard the interview he did on Shade 45 has to love his honesty. From talking about Koch to Jay to Game hes open and honest. Gotta appreciate that. He straight up said to Styles whoever said money doesn't change you just never made enough. DAMN! lol

Cam has nothing to gain from this but alittle shine that he hasn't and may not have again for a LONG time.

I'm actually looking forward to 50s next album. I have a feeling its going to actually be one of the best hip hop albums in a minute. At the least I have faith it will be better than both Jay and Nas's albums...but I thought both Jay and Nas albums were going to blow me away and both disappointed so maybe I'm brain washing myself to believe 50 will deliver what Nas and Jay didnt.

neo said...

I don't have any expectations for 50 at this point...I'm interested in the direction of his music if he is indeed going in a new direction, if at all..but Cam' won the battle and I think 50 may win the war..It'll be interesting to see what 50 does in response to Cuuuuuuuuuurtttissssss!!!

J!!! said...

"You live in Tyson hand me down"

That part had me right there, especially cause i dont live far from his spot. Cam won this round


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