Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Get Open!


First I don't post for hella weeks now I can't stop postin'.

When I was in Cali of all places I caught a Hip Hop panel on C-Span.
It was sponsered by Third World Press and
Institute of Positive Education, Betty Shabazz International Charter School.
The panelist were:

Coval, Kevin - Artistic Director, Young Chicago Authos
Kitwana, Bakari - Author
Norman-Hawkins, Amina - President, Chicago Hip Hop Initiative
Paniccioli, Ernie - Photographer
Rivera, Raquel Z. - Correspondent
Wang, Oliver - Critic
Wimsatt, William Upski - Author

Talk about something that was inspiring.

I did not get to see all of it.

I just may purchase the video to soak up some of that game.
If C-Span was right, they would stream that ish, but that is another story.

At first glance you may groan and say, just another afternoon w/ egroesn talkin'.

But peep. It still sticks out in my mind that one of the panelist said, only when people congregate will they make it congress.
That isn't to say that that is our Ultimate goal, but I am not mad at that.
William Upski is mad inspiring. He was on some "The people in this room have the power to use Hip Hop to change the world type 'ish." It was easy to believe That pre '96, but not in recent memory has someone said something to that affect AND had me thinking of ways to harness HH's appeal with the young bucks.


ManNMotion said...

You have some cool stuff in this blog, makes me think even more than I already do.

M.Dot. said...

Family, I am glad you are feeling it.
It feels good to write.

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