Wednesday, August 10, 2005

'Town Educational Seminars


Okay Dame. So you know I had to do some diggin' and thinking.

Being the pathological reader I am (wussup Joneze) I have to do a book list on town books. Keep in mind that this is partial, yet a start.

#1. Drive By Gary Rivlin. It is an account of the murder of Kevin Reed who as Kevin was former classmate
of mine at King Estate Middle School. He was murdered on Aeseon and Dowling on July 9th, 1990. I think that was the first funeral that I went to for someone so young. Not only does the book talk about Kevin's murder, but about Kevin's family, and Oakland's history.

#2.More Like Wrestling by Danyel Smith. A tale of two sisters, coming up at the height of the Crack era. The book resonated with me on about 8 different levels. My copy has about 20 pages highlighted.

#3.Blues City: A Walk in Oakland by Ishmael Reed. Is was wonderful book that drops some jewels about the town and the history of some of our neighbohoods. Despite the fact that Ishmael and Alice do not get along, this is a fast read about our beloved town.

#4.Too Beautiful for Words by Monique Morris. This book is inspired largely by The Coup Song, Jesus the Pimp. Monique is real cool too.

#5. The Dying Ground and The Last King by Nichelle Tramble. Nichelle is a FIRST RATE myster writer who uses the Bay as her backdrop. My heart skips a beat every time I hear that she is publishing a new book. I cannot WAIT until the third installment of this serious.

Next up is a lil' piece on the Mac Dre phenomenon.

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Danyel said...

The book resonated with me on about 8 different levels.

you make my day.

The Dying Ground is awesome. So is Blues City.

Thanks for the shout.


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