Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Model Minority of the Week is....


The Model Minority of the week Award goes to Gina Barecca, author of Babes in Boyland: A personal History of Co-Education in the Ivy League. Gina is dope because she loves teaching and is actually funny on paper. She was one of the first women to INTERGRATE Dartmouth in the 60's.

In the book she describes what it felt like to have a professor ask her repeatedly in class what her opinon was "as a woman",

"Miss so-and-so, as a woman, what is your reading of this text?". I was profoundly embarassed to be asked my opinon as a woman, since it seemed somehow less authoratative than being asked my opinion as a studwent or as a "general reader". At first , I jokingly replied that I would be happy to answer "as a person",....I knew that that tactic wouldn't work.

"It took me two months to understand that in the eyes of this teacher, I'd allways be a "Miss" rather than just an ordinary student....So I figured I'd go with it. "So I started to preface every answer with the phrase with, "As a woman, I think Shakespeare means...", "As a woman, I think it is really cold in June", "As a woman I think I will have meatloaf for dinner".

Hearing this worked for me because it let me know that this was the sixties, and SHE had to learn how to cope the same way MANY of us learn up to cope. Thank you Gina for putting us up on the game.

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