Tuesday, August 30, 2005

It Get Hot at Night


I cannot believe that I am just now hearing about it.

So Spike has a new book out. As much as a book snoop that I
(Get the Black Issues book review on the phone A.S.A.P. ....ii captain MM).

Jay-Z was in the Times this weekend
The dopest part of the article was when, wait it minute I have to get the clip out my purse, was the exchange between Jay and Ghostface that the author translated.

Around 2, Ghostface Killer....showed up for a meeting..."What up, family?" Jay-Z said with a strong handshake and a quick man-hug. [Men do BE having man hugs too, especially brotha's.]

I just wanted to dump some heat on you," Ghostface replied...Its extra meaty already, but I just want you to add your little extra." (Translation: Iv'e got some great new music that I'd like you to hear and I would appreciate your input).
I swear there are few times that I feel more alive than when I read some beautiful language.

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