Thursday, August 25, 2005

Town Business


Does anyone else love, wireless, but hate Explorer? I mean damn. That 'ish is so wack. I don't know how I have been living without Firefox for so long. The damn Blogger menu bar has like two options when you don't use Firefox.

The Sideshows are thought to be over, at least a recently as last week. Ionno. The young hyphies may just be waiting for Raider season to start to have an excuse to go dumb. Robert Gammon, of East Bay Express fame was talking about it.
According to Slinky, iggasn did start shootin' at the end of Summer Jam in the Bay. It will probably be the last one. Everyone was cool when, Kanye and Common and 'nem were on stage, but brotha', brotha', brotha' when E-39+1 gets on, and yer smobbers get to smobbing, it was pretty much a wrap.

On the political side of things, appears the Ron Dellums is running for Mayor of Oakland. I left last week, and he was still on the fence. That could be really interesting, seeing as he has had such a lofty career as a state representative.

Some town sista's are coming to NY (SOB's). Keyshia Cole on 8/31 and Goapele on 9/21.

1520 Lakeside Drive is up for lease. 1520 is the former location of several of the administrative offices in the Town. I guess the city is trying to make some cash off of it. That's hella wack. I see the importance of trying to make better use of lakefront property, but there is something very uncanny and sad about a city leasing its administrative offices to a resturant.

New Ish about to come out:
Brand Nuban: Solo Material an EP. I do not know which label is putting this out, but it is interesting to see that they are still at it.

AZ's new joint is titled AWOL. He has allways been one of my favorite "I am hungry ma, and Im gon' shine" kinda individuals.

I picked up the Turf Tawk Collaboration, the new Madlib.
But what I am checkin' for is the new Sean P. His verse on one of those Chemistry joints was NIIIIICE. I almost wanna transcribe it.

Slinky, Imma try and post that NWA you an I were talking about.

And last but not least a thank you goes out to J. Douglas Allen-Taylor. I have been reading his work since he was a writer for the "Oakland Urbanview".
I can allways depend on him to provide an insigtful interpretation of town events.
Most recently he wrote about a concert series taking place at Arroyo park in East Oakland.
He attributes the lack of gun clap, the hyphies being present at the event to the fact that there was more of an "Older" crowd, and their children at the event.

Dwayne Wiggans organized it. Council woman Desley Brooks paid for it out of her own budget. The following has performed:
Rose Royce
Lenny Williams
Midnight Star
Dwyane Wiggians is set to perform in September.

Mr. Allen-Taylor could not have said it better when he stated that "the road to Oaklands well-being does not pass down Broadway. It passes through the neighborhoods where all of us live."

He admits that one of the reasons why the event ran so smoothly was because the cops were "easy going and professional, acting as if all of us were part of the same community." I would imagine that this is what good police work is all about.

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