Friday, August 05, 2005

The Marriage Post


Good Morning Blog Family. There's a war goin' on outside no one is safe from.......

It appears that the Army divorce rate flying sky high. So much for family values hunh? Why is there no news coverge of this phenomenon?

Maryanne Reid is taking an unorthodox route to promoting her new book Marry Your Baby Daddy. Her publishing company along with other sponsors are putting on a Marry Your Baby Daddy Contest. Applicants wrote in, were selected and will be married in a mass 10 couple ceremony. 10 new couples. I hope they throw in some counseling sessions too.

This months Essence has a few articles that focus on relationships.
One is about the importance of relationship skills and statistics on marriage and divorce.

They also took the analytical approach by listing by city and state where you are likely to find some eligible brotha's. I ain't mad at that.

Danyel Smith wrote about falling in love with her new husband (Elliott Wilson of XXL and Ego Trip Fame). It was special for me to read about her for several reasons. First off, I ran into them on the street at the begining of the year right after they got engaged. Secondly, not only did I used to read Danyel when she wrote for the Guardian in Cali, but I also use to read Ego Trip but I remember the first XXL. It was sort of like my play sister and cousin getting married. Read the article. It is enjoyable. Rarely are articles about black women and love published where we are not angry, bitter and vengeful.

As someone who has been engaged for almost 15 years ( it seems like it :), it was nice to read some information about how to gain some skills, instead of just people say marriage is good. Go for it.

Thank you for reading. Have a good weekend. And leave some comments, Please (in the high pitched sqeaky voice).


CultStatus said...

Great pieces, esp the smith/wilson piece..



CultStatus said...

where you at? now I'm checkin for you, and you aren't updating.

gimme dat!

Danyel said...

yo! thanks for the shout!
I remember seeing you and yours right on Broadway near Tower. Glad I found this blog. Plus your comments about Hub and I make me happy.

: )

aren't you from Oakland? Represent!

Hummingbyrd said...

Awww. Danyel. Thank you for checking for me.
I am humbled;0

Keep on writing becuase we are reading.


Anonymous said...

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