Saturday, August 16, 2008

100 Visionaries-Fear-Failure-Support


I had an interesting "internet moment" earlier this week.

I came across an online social justice group, and reached out to one of
its members because their work is closely aligned with what I envision
100 Visionaries to be.

The group had a conference a few years ago, a list serve and people.

I came across their list serve archive Thursday morning, right after I placed
those fund raising widgets in the sidebar.

Because the group is not very active I was curious as to what happened
and whether their lack of activity corresponded was an early indicator of
the to the lack of activity, with my fund raising widgets.

I wondered, if folks really WOULD rather talk about Imus, Jay Z, David Banner,
Obama, Jesse Jackson and The Wackness than actually do something.

So I decided to take action.

I sent an e-mail to a woman I had been in contact with via twitter who
was, ironiclly on the list serve and her point blank, "What happened?
You all seem to have had a lot of traction and now there is very little

This was a risk for me, because she didn't know me from a stick
of gum and could have said, yo- go kick rocks.

She responded, candidly saying "Yo- do I know you?"

She then went on to say that it became clear to her that, in the
organization, people were more interested in talking about the problem
than doing something about it.

That had me stuck because it is what I feared would happen
with 100 V.

Then I also thought about how our kids need to watch us
struggle, fail, succeed and go through personal transformation.

And for that matter we need to watch one another do it.

It makes it feel like its possible.

I got sad. My rationale is that if this group couldn't do, what makes
me think I can?

Then things started to happen.

This dude in Cali e-mailed me on some, yo- is this going to be a virtual
org, are you going to have a board of directors, what's the plan?

I sent him an outline of the next 9 months and he shot
me back an e-mail on his background. When it became clear that
he was type thorough- grad school, undergrad in the trenches
with the young bucks, college counseling, I began to
try and bring him into the fold.

Then another blogger said, I can't do a reflection retreat, and I
responded, thats cool, can you write about how you and your
son deal with pop culture? He agreed.

And I began to see that this is going to work relationship by relationship.

I stepped out on faith and bought the url yesterday.

I see it as one of A million little steps. A million little steps.


Nomad said...

Hey M.Dot the fear of failure prevents people from achieving their goals. Don't let small stebacks deter you from achieving something that's bigger than words.

Model Minority said...

Hey there.

thank you.

a girl named Rock. said...

Failure is a good thing. This is how we learn. It is when we fail that we know what works and does not work. Then we can try again by taking what worked and adding something new.

NEVER trying is what's bad.

M.Dot. said...

Hey Ma.

I lightweight violated re posting that excerpt of our conversation.

My procedure is to obtain consent first.


The irony of it all Bugged me the hell out and I (hope) I kept things sufficiently anonymous.

Thank you for your kinds words.

WNG said...

I am more broke than...well, I'm pretty d*mn broke, so I haven't been able to contribute financially, but I am more than willing to help in any other way that I can. Please let me know what you need.

M.Dot. said...

Well Helllooooo Wng.

I have said and will continue to say...I need your time more than you cake.

Get at me at to discuss further.
Relationship by relationship.

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