Sunday, August 03, 2008

I am Looking for a College


How many of you have went to school and have managed to
with as little debt as possible?

I need your help.

I have been promising my family that I would put together a
newsletter or blog for
the college aged teens in my family.

However, I am thinking we would all be better served by
making it a apart of the
non profit, tentatively titled, Urban Visionaries.

Since many of you went to college, I would like to know which
schools you recommend
for working class teens with modest g.p.a's.

For example you can tell us about a community college with great transfer
opportunity's to state schools.

Or a state school that has a high retention and graduation rate for this
When advising young people on selecting a school I
have two primary criteria.

The first is that the school should clearly demonstrate that they
have the capacity to graduate the student.

The second is that the student should NOT go into unmanageable, life draining
debt for school.

I really look forward to your replies.

If you prefer to not leave a comment, e-mail me


the prisoner's wife said...

count me out as one who has graduated debt free. i owe Sallie Mae my life lol.

but as far as Community Colleges w/ good transfer the LA-area you have:

Santa Monica College: #1 transfer college in CA.

El Camino College

Southwest College.

As far as can't lose with a Cal State school. they are still fairly "cheap" and are moderately easy to get into.

Model Minority said...



AND IF YOU CAME NEAR 10003 and ain't call me...imma come to LA AND FIND YOU.

RPoeta said...

I attendend a SUNY (SUNY Binghamton) with debt but not as high as you would expect. Partly because I am a New York resident and I was an EOP student which stands for the Educational Opportunity Program.

Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) has high graduation rates as well as high rates of students transfering to 4 year colleges/universities.

Model Minority said...

Thank you bp.

You have been on my byrd.

I hope all is well.

Really nice seeing you and "mr. keep it even".

Tell him I send a hug.



the prisoner's wife said...

lol...i haven't been out there yet, so no need to cut me LOL. i DID however, txt you & got no response hmmm.

Model Minority said...

You did!??@!#?@!?@!?#@!

You must have the wrong num love.

the prisoner's wife said... was the number you gave me homie. i will email u to figure it out.

Anonymous said...

If there are any British readers who want an idea of how to get a degree without any debt, check out The Open University It's correspondence based degree, but they are really, really well regarded, and employers think you are amazing for juggling work, studies and home life! I know loads of people who did it with children. An honours degree takes 6 years. If you don't already have a degree, you can get a means-tested grant, and if you earn less than $30,000 a year, you'll get all your tuition fees paid and a $2000 grant for each year to help buy childcare or stationary. Also, they supply all your books and will buy you a computer and pay for you internet access if you need it! Gotta love it!

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