Thursday, August 14, 2008

100 Visionaries


I had a watershed moment yesterday. I was pacing, writing notes and just
simply amped.

The 100 Visionaries Mission came to me.

Our mission is to work to create a better future for our young people
through local and national activism and policy lobbying.

The strategy for achieving this is a five pronged effort. The first is
having regular one on one interactions with young people through
reflection retreats.

The second is supporting local members who share our vision,
and are running for office such as city council or the board of education.

The third is lobbying around policies that effect their lives such as
ending mandatory minimums, creating a national Prop 36 legislation,
eliminating zero tolerance in schools, and ensuring that public school
funds are equitably distributed within the school district.

The fourth is through supporting and promoting artists, writers, musicians,
who are our vision of a better world for young people.

The fifth is by working with other organizations who are doing related work.
One of us may not have an impact. But, 100 hundred of us is a Movement.

Our organization is a learning organization. Nimble, eager and ready to take
action. Contact me directly with further questions at

Click on the Widget on the left to donate to cover the cost of incorporating
the non profit.
100 Visionaries will be the 501 (c) (3). Cost. $75
100 Visionaries Fund will be the 510 (c) (4). Cost. $75

I seek to build this with you all, with "buy in" on the ground from
all the folks who have commented and said they want to contribute
and support.
is a 501 (c) (4). This kind of organization has far more leeway than
a (c) (3) when it comes to lobbying. Read more about it here.

501 (c) (3) will be 100 Visionaries.
501 (c) (4) will be the 100 Visionary Fund, similar to Moveon in terms of
action and scope with a bit more urban focus. Early.

Who knew that what began as a conversation on, "who raises the kids
the mommas or the rappers
", would bring us to this?


Anonymous said...


Model Minority said...

Awww. Its you. Hey love.

Anonymous said...

I love the way you think....

Holla @ you on payday next week

M.Dot. said...


Hey love. Thats wonderful.

More than ya cash, I want your time.

Be easy.

Nomad said...

I'm lovingthe way your thought process manifested

M.Dot. said...

Really Love?

I was real....scared man. I mean. Its one thing to talk about it...its another thing to DO it.

Thank you for saying that. I mean. More than anything...I feel I got to do something just to pay omage to the people that held me down when Crack Killed Oakland.

If you wanna get down, eearrrly,

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

all of them are very laudable folk

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