Friday, August 29, 2008

Do You Want A Symbol or an Ally? Sarah Palin and the Feminist Vote


Birkhold often says that "We can't expect unhealthy people, to make
healthy politicians decisions".

Trust me. Many of us are unhealthy. 50% of our kids are
dropping out of high school. We treat drug addicts like criminals
and wonder why they never get clean. We think that we can
consume our way to happiness. Furthermore, our children
don't understand that life is made up of tedious min numbing
task's and chores that have to get done whether they like it or not.

I thought of this unhealthiness, when I saw that McCain
picked Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska as his candidate for
Vice President.

When I saw that she was chosen, I wanted to know who she was.

So I googled the words feminism and Palin and clicked on Tenessee
Guerrilla Women
and read in the comments,

HELLO…we’re feminists right? Why would Hillary supporters run to McCain who picked one of the MOST CONSERVATIVE women in politics who doesn’t believe in a woman’s right to choose, the rights of gay people, and is a hard core member of the NRA? If we are true feminist, we should go with someone who believes in feminist ideals such as a woman’s right to choose…simply being a woman doesn’t make one a feminist and quite frankly, a vote for Palin seems to be a vote AGAINST all of what women have been fighting for nearly 100 years.
McCain thinks women are sick and tired of politics being a man thing. Sick and tired of being passed over and left out. McCain is exactly right. Barack should have picked Hillary. So issues don't matter, just gender. It doesn't matter that she is a radically anti-choice rightwing Republican; so long as she is a she, its all good. We'll see how it turns out, but I think most people can see the transparency of this pick. Its an entirely defensive pick designed to be his last best hope of keeping the White House in GOP hands for 4 more years. I know logic and reason left this group a LONG time ago, but to say Sarah Palin is "more experienced" than Obama, is a fantasy. She went from being Mayor of a town of less than 9K, to Governor of a state with the population of Fort Worth, TX; and she's only been there for a year and a half. So to move your allegiances from a pro-choice center-left pol like Hillary Clinton, whom all of you said was the most experienced, to a radical conservative anti-choice woman with less than 1.5 years Governing the 47th smallest state in terms of population, really defies logic.

This told me what I needed to know.

If you are a woman, why would you would vote for someone
simply because she is a woman, not because she stands
for policies that you believe in?

You would do so if you made choices based on what you saw, instead of what is healthiest for you and your family.

My mother has a saying, "People will give you hell and charge
you rent".

When I see white women jump on the McCain ticket because
he has a woman running part of me thinks that if they are short
cited enough to vote for McCain out of spite then they deserve t
he leadership and the consequences of such leadership that
they will receive. This thinking, however, is reactionary.

What must be kept in mind is that we all have voice and that we
are ALL affected by who is elected president and vice president.

Our future, like our past, is bound together.


the prisoner's wife said...

i think this move by the McCain campaign wreaks of desperation. they only reason they picked this woman was to try to persuade some of the Hill supporters, who i think (most) will see right through this. this woman, although her story may be good, has virtually NO experience. she was mayor to mayberry & governs a state with a low population. yes, she has gone against her party, but she's also voted against equal pay for women & the right to choose. so, if those women who are actually on the fence, take a moment to see what she is all about, i think this choice will do nothing for McCain. we'll see how she fairs in the debates...if she goes and gets ate up by Biden, it's lights out.

Vee (Scratch) said...

I thought McCain's choice was completely left field but this is politics, it is a bloodsport.

Although I can see why Obama did not go with Clinton, an Obama-Clinton ticket would have been a far stronger than Obama-Biden. Surely many people would have a problem with it for many reasons but the political alliances alone would have helped many Obama initiative move forward. With that said, I don't think Biden is a slouch.

My question is why I don't see a lot support or Talk about the Green Party nominee Cynthia McKinney and her VP pick Rosa Clemente. What do you think of McKinney and/or Clemente individually?

As far as Palin is concerned, I think the GOP arrogance may kill their chances to win the White House in November. I just finished reading an article on the reason why she's being investigated for personal abuse of power. It's not a good look.

Anonymous said...

I just want to know what the hell this man's thought process was when he picked her? If it was about a woman on the ticket, he could have picked Kay Bailey Hutchinson or Olympia Snowe. Both of those women have way more experience than Palin and also more name recognition.

Even worse is that apparently he's only met her once in person before he decided to make her the offer. If this is the example of the kind of thought that he puts into major decisions, he has no business being anywhere near the White House. As a man, I consider McCain's choice a slap in the face to women everywhere.

Model Minority said...

My question is why I don't see a lot support or Talk about the Green Party nominee Cynthia McKinney and her VP pick Rosa Clemente. What do you think of McKinney and/or Clemente individually?

Second time this week someone has asked me about this.

What I have know,so far,is that some green party white folks were NOT pleased with the selection.

Not sure what Cythnia's + Rosa's Green politics are may be worth investigating..

Perhaps this is Ripe for a blog post.


Model Minority said...

As a man, I consider McCain's choice a slap in the face to women everywhere.

As man and a human blood.

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

although i am not a card carrying feminist by any means, and i'm aware that my political views are conservative it was made clear to me when Hillary's campaign almost made me throw up in my mouth that although I am a woman and love women, I am more than a woman and being a woman isn't enough to sway my political views.

that being said Palin did something right to get on the radar, not just nationally but internationally appearingly over night. as much of my family is active in the republican party...THEY ARE VOTING FOR OBAMA! and if/when he wins they are willing to change parties, although no I don't know what scorned white women who spent their life competing with white men, only to get beat by a black man are thinking.

my politics and their differ greatly. of that i am certain!

Model Minority said...

I have been thinking of you AJ.....How you been?

although i am not a card carrying feminist by any means
You lie,lie like a rug...

political views are conservative
Socially or fiscally?

GMllz said...

Pause...I can't buy my way to happiness?

Model Minority said...


Your an @ss.


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