Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Reflection Retreats


The majority of you have suggested that you would participate in a
reflection retreat.

After giving it some thought, here is a draft of an agenda. I envision that
5 or 6 of us would have a retreat on the 4th Saturday in October,
and share back via phone/e-mail.

10am Breakfast, Coffee, Bagels, Juice

10:30am Introduction Stating Purpose of Retreat

10:35am Watch Clip of Byron Hurts Beyond Beats and Rhymes

11:00am Bathroom Break

11:10am Reflection on video, break out groups

12:00am Lunch, Pizza, Soda

12:30pm Discussion on another topic

1pm End

Is it really obvious that I have done logistics for a living?

Lets have discussion on the pre-work (money, location, dvd player,
obtaining copies of Byron's film, finding young people)
that will go into making this happen.

T-Rose sent me this fresh education guide for "Beyond Beats and Rhymes"
that I will be a great tool for us to use.

Sign up for the yahoo group.


TROUBLMan said...

Am I invited? : )

Model Minority said...


Shiit. You running the NY ain't get the memo?

Leader bear. you a leader
Me: No I ain't
T: Yes you are.

Thanks to that conversation, we Now we have this ish!

Side note.

BP said...

This is such a great idea, sis!!! I would definitely be interested..only if you got love for Philly?


M.Dot. said...

Of course. We got love for Philly.

Shit...yall have too many popo get murked there.

You and K gonna run the Philly retreat.

Considered yourself "signed up".

BP said...

Word. Ain't that the truth. We are down!!

britni said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
the prisoner's wife said...

i'm a bit too far to attend. i just got something in the mail from NYU about a symposium they're having about Slavery in October. lots of heavy hitters will be there...i wish i could be EVERYWHERE but plane tickets are crazy.

i could, perhaps, recreate this in my classroom depending on how i can tie it into the content. holla.

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