Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday Links


Intellectual Property
BMC is heated that Warner Brothers is putting out a
New Jack City 2,
DIRECT to video. He's good though.
Because he is coming gully
with the Nino Brown Diaries.

I didn't know that Belly 2 was direct to video as well.

Poverty is the Seed

J. Douglas Allen-Taylor has a new piece up on Mayor Dellum's and
crime in Oakland. I swear. All this talk about crime and none about
the poverty rate sickens me. Poverty is the Seed.

Maybe I need to make "Its the Poverty, STUPID" T-Shirts.

No Child Left to Teach
A teacher explains why she hates No Child Left Behind.
Man Makes Threats Against Obama
All I have to say is, define "credible threat".

"History" of Affirmative Action
Any list that doesn't include sharecropping needs to stop.

It has been light around these parts.

A little busy this week, as I have a few projects up in the

I also took a trip that I need to write about.

Will return, shortly.



Vee (Scratch) said...

While poverty may be one factor don't discount GREED.

Model Minority said...

True. True in deed.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Oakland, folks are getting killed left and right but now that the good folks in Piedmont and Rockridge are getting Robbed, now its an issue and here comes the guardian angels and the media. Folks are still getting killed but the robberies are the big issue because it's hitting these businesses in these upscale areas.

And to top it all off the cops are making it seem like cats are doing it for kicks, they're doing it for dollars...folks need to get a clue...

M.Dot. said...

MZ.....are you saying that I need to do one of my Oakland,Crime Posts.

You know I got "SCARED" last may hanging out at that Starbucks on lakeshore. A drive-by is one thing. Somebody walking in with 2 9's and a shot gun talking about break yourself when I am trying to write feminism essays is something else.

The lesson is clear. Black life is worthless and the state (Popo, the law) is used to protect the interests of whites/and or property owners.

Once we accept that we can move on to the next.

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