Sunday, August 03, 2008

2nd NYPD Police Brutality Videotape in One Week


Here are the facts that I have so far.

The arresting officer, Michael Harrington, who is on the video
hitting Mr. Cephus contends that Mr. Cephus was drunk and had
previously struck the officers and lunged at them with an umbrella.

Mr. Cephus
contends that he hadn't been drinking and that
he didn't swing the umbrella.

The first allegation could clearly be addressed with a breathalyser.

The incident took place on July 4th in lower Manhattan.

Officer Michael Harrington is now on modified duty.

In the wake of this beating, the NYPD commissioner Ray
Kelley has announced that he is going to set up a program
that will allow the public to report abuse.

It is hard to watch the above video. My hands are still shaking.

All I could think of is that this could be any one of us.

Does anyone have any further information on this?


bokjae said...

Hey it is a good thing to highlight the problems faced by the minority! Keep it up! The chinese and indians in my country are also marginalized and we are the minorities although not in numbers but in terms of citizen rights!

Model Minority said...

Arrright. Homie. Salute.

BP said...

I am pissed!!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...


Anonymous said...


Not a good look for the Nypd (I always liked the words Prodigy used for that Acronym) at all.

That last thing I heard about this story was the group that promoted the surveillance of Law Enforcement during protest and such has been issued a summons or something of that nature by the city of New York to turn over all of its video it has of officers as to help the city build adequate defences for officers who might haft to go to trail over "alleged" incidents.

All I can think of watching this is all of the people on a daily basis who are abused by authorities and don't have their treatment documented on video.

And like you said..

That could have been me..

Buzzbait said...

Give me a break....why are the minority always pretending to be the victim? Why are you not going after the Majority of the crimes committed by the Minorities? Try to strenthen your people not bring others down to your level. Look at the big picture not the small incidents that happen by bad majorities.

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