Sunday, April 29, 2007

Akon, theTeenager and Sexual Power.


Photo's courtesy of Hollywood Grind.


The Issues.

1. She is underaged.

2. She snuck out tha house.

3. Her "body" sans face, looks mature.
However, that face. Says teeny bopper.

I analyze gray sexual areas w/ vigor.

When I saw the stills @ Gotty's house, I was like, oh, here is a teenager, who got a little in over her head.

Then came the Video.

The Video killed it for me.

I immediatly thought,


1. If she did consent to being on stage with him,
what in fact does she consent to?
a. General backing it up?
b. Any and everything?
c. Whole hog Juve pump and jump.

2. At what point is Akon liable?
a. When did he cross the line?
b. Was there a line to be crossed?
c. When does entertainment cross the line?
When I was watching the video, all I could see was this shiny, muscely backed dude, dominating a woman. (All of the Black Male Buck slavery esque sterotypes started runing through my brain.)

And trust.

Thats cool.

Some women avail themselves of being dominated.

However, what does it mean when you avail yourself, and you get more than you ask for?

Back to the video.

At first, I had ray J video flash backs. Like Umph. Akon got handles, it look like, made a "mental note".

Then the more he moved around, I realized that SHE WAS JUST REACTING to him.


She was initiating NOTHING.


Is a TOXIC combination.

At that point. The line was crossed.


Such a heavy post for a Sunday night. And I was just looking forward to writing about The Clipse and Oprah. Will post that tomorrow.



vik said...

my sentiments exactly.

it was all just a girl gettin too excited at a concert.

until i saw the video.


Anonymous said...

What the heck was she doin in a club like that???? Her losing control is the very reason why underage kids are not allowed in these clubs and where did the parents think they daughter was going to dressed like a that??

M.Dot. said...


She wasn't suppose to be there.


Lets turn the mirror on ourselves.


If you are a woman, have things ever gotten rough, and you didn't know how handle it.

If you are a dude, have you ever "gotten rough" and your partner @ the time didn't let you know.

THIS IS A MATTER of life dude.


M.Dot. said...


I swear I am gonna write the Black Woman and Sex in Pop Culture book the summer.


neo said...

But how was Akon supposed to know she was underage is my question?

Yeah he's responsible and if he knew she was THAT young I doubt he'd do all that...I'm not excusing the behavior at all but I gotta be objective, how in these types of situations do you know who is who?

How was she able to get in there?

Nexgrl said...

I am sure that she got caught up in the situation. As to those refering to her clothes, I am also sure that she probably changed clothes after she left the house.

As far as getting into the club.....Fake I.D.

It seems like the girl my be quite familiar with sneeking out of the house and into clubs, but......

She didn't expect to be caught on film

She was excited that Akon picked "her."

Most of all, the video is embarrasing to her, her parents especially her dad, Akon, his representatives, the club owners, and the promoters.

neo said...

Zacklee..its a sad situation, an embarassing one at that..and I hope more is done to check this, though it DOES happen even in reg clubs, underagers/teens get in and do what grown ups 'posed to be doin'

Anonymous said...

Real talk .. I lost respect for Akon after watches the video ...

M.Dot. said...

You had respect for him?


neo said...

what's wrong with having respect for the man?

M.Dot. said...


If you ask.

Then I can't explain.

What has he done that merits respect?

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