Thursday, April 19, 2007

F*ck Whoever Don't Like Little Brother.


I was just over at Gotty's house and they got a post up titled, "The Enemies of Hip Hop" in 2007.

That post reminded me of a post I have been meditating on all week called "F*ck However Don't Like Little Brother" because this culture nullifies the voice of Non Thugarrific Black men.

See it all started last Sunday the n*gga Bab was bumping the Minstrel Show in the new whip and I was like, you know what, this culture don't give a*fuck about what NON thuga-licious cats gotta say.

Which brings me to the skit on the minstral show where the dad is talking to his kid about school.

....Boy cut off that TV show watching that ignorant ass sh*t.
Gotchu messhin up your home work. Damn Minstrel Show Sh*t.
Makin' Black Folks Look Like Damn fools.
Talking Bout I love it.
If it was your damn' time tables, would you love that?
Can't stop won't stop, brining these damn F's home on your got d*mn report card....
How about loving some long division n*gga?
You need to love your multiplication tables.....

This skit reminded me of a couple of things.
The first is that it reminded me of how my OWN friends have been on me to remain focused. That THIS IS HOW BLACK PEOPLE ARE.

"What you need to be focused on is the unavailibility of a witness" when I blogged about TL a couple of weeks ago.

Or how mean sexy was like you need to have Tunnel Vision between now and finals, no dates.

In re-hearing this song on Sunday I realized how this voice is minimized in Hip Hop at large and pop culture definatly.

I then started to reflect on conversation with Black men that supported my theory.
In a post Imus conversation I had w/Minnesota and he was stated:
If I rapped, yes, my sh*t would talk about ho's. Because there are SOME ho's. But I would also talk about metaphysical sh*t , poetry, graffiti, family and history. Because my work would embody what I am about."

Then I thought about
The Graduate.
I liked him.
He argued w/ me about 2 pac over brunch.

He contended, last November, that:

Tupac is exactly what is wrong w/ Black people and Rap music in general.
How are you going to have the backroung that you have, and come up around the Panthers and be so f*cking destructive. Thats NOT manhood. Manhood is about being about your family and your community.
I hold him to a different standard because HE KNEW better.
Of course I was livid. But It was nice to hear someone express their theories with conviction.

But taking all these comments together I began thinking about how the Non Thuglicious Cats, Kweli, Comm, LB are thought to be INAUTHENTIC black male voices.

Minnesota pointed out how Nas had is father. He exposed him to Jazz. Kweli's parents are both professors and his brother is a supreme court clerk. YET. We do not hear about these aspects of black people in OUR MUSIC.

Come to think of it. This topic reconfirms why De La's voice was so necessary and poignant because Posdanous was adamant in his rhymes about HIS VOICE MEANING SH*T even though he was NOT from the projects.


That was a fun post.

The first amendment Rocks!



neo said...

a.k.a the Soulbrotha, HISD, and many other up and coming emcees post. We do have a demographic tho nonetheless, I'm observing and folk want something diff...its our time..

Dj Triple Threat said...




Its like yall got Ralph Ellisoned dude.

DJ Black Adam said...


This I feel, if the other voices of Hip Hop were allowed in, showing the fullness of what Black men are.

Fact is, the 70% of Rap music purchases by White males 18-24, is what is driving what gets played and promoted, and they are only interested in hearing the gangsta life that they want to pretend to live.

Dj Triple Threat said...

I have yet to see 70 quote supported w/ back up data.

However, I know white folks have always been patrons of Black Arts.

Jazz anyone?

However, holding corporations accountable is a financial issue more than it is a moral issue.

neo said...

Yeah its a circular thing 'cos even though corps are behind what's selling consumers owe themselves the responsibility of either turning off the radio or going on the net and copping a cd of someone they like as far as music or attending a local concert...ppl complain there's no good hip hop but when I ask them have you checked out myspace and other sites where there is good music? Silence..

I think fans of the genre too need to stop looking to Viacom and co. to give them what they want. Remember how long it took for hip hop to get on MTV? We kept doing us till they paid attention its going to be the same way give it a couple years..everything is in a cycle.

Janine said...

it's hard not to feel betrayed by some of the hip hop out there. but then again (as the minority report reminded me today), it's sometimes hard to remember who and what create the reality of violence, hopelessness, emptiness, hate, and ambivalence that hip hop sometimes reflects.

it's also true enough that white execs are financing a lot of hip hop and that white execs are deciding to aggressively market the hip hop we criticize almost exclusively. i see a purposeful strategy here - a strategy which isn't making as much money as it used to.

i agree with you and neo, it's up to us to change our music by looking outside of what's being handed to us.

Dj Triple Threat said...

Hi neeean.
How you holding up?

Bout to do a finals post. For us!

After I "show em what I got lil momma tonight".. shhhhhh.don't tell nobody...sneaks out and dances in tight jeans and red heels.

Janine said...

good for you!
i'd walk around in circles quoting casebooks or smash walls in if i didn't have fun during finals countdown.
today is my day off.
it's going good, though. especially considering that i've already studied more than i did last semester.
2.5 weeks until my 1st final!!

Stephen said...

Random: How much would you pay to hear 'Kast, UGK, LB, Black Star and De La on the same track?

Dj Triple Threat said...

i'd walk around in circles

I actually DO walk around in circles on my study breaks.


Dj Triple Threat said...

'Kast, UGK, LB, Black Star and De La on the same track?

I think I allmost fizzled.

Miss Ahmad said...

oooh you're gonna make me bump some Lil Brother when I get off work.

you know working in the media industry that force feeds fantasy life and commerical advertisements it astonishes me that these kids don't know that rap videos are just adults playing dress up.

if i had the power i would like to show what really happens on the sets of these so called rap videos, the drugs, the sex, the rented clothes, girls, houses, cars and jewelry on loan. it's all a joke..i mean a really big one at that!

okay let me get back to making mindless television so i can pay my bills:-)

Dj Triple Threat said...

if i had the power i would like to show what really happens on the sets of these so called rap videos, the drugs, the sex, the rented clothes, girls, houses, cars and jewelry on loan. it's all a joke..i mean a really big one at that!

We Do.
Its all on loan.

Lets tell the young bucks.

Its like Rap Rent a Center.

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