Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Imus: 0. Nappy Headed Hoes: 3.


As the backlash against Don Imus grows, General Motors and American Express said today that they, too, will pull their advertisements from his program. American Express was the fourth largest advertiser on the simulcast of “Imus in the Morning” on MSNBC, spending $1.2 million during the show in 2006, according to estimates from Monitor-Plus, a unit of the Nielsen Company. And the credit card company was also among the top spenders on the radio program aired by CBS Radio.

The company will no longer advertise on Mr. Imus’s show because of his controversial remarks last week, said Judy Tenzer, a spokeswoman for American Express. American Express will continue to advertise on other MSNBC shows, she said.

General Motors was one of the radio program’s top advertisers last year, but the company stopped advertising on it earlier this year in a decision unrelated to Mr. Imus’s racial insults about the Rutgers women’s basketball team, said Ryndee Carney, a spokeswoman for General Motors. On Tuesday, Ms. Carney said the company would continue to advertise on the MSNBC show.


A friend sent me an e-mail about my posts.
Out of deference to their privacy, I post it anonymously.
We haven't really spoke about the whole Imus thing at
all cause I think we both know it's a powder keg.

Here's the deal, a lot of you black folks are

emotional, irrational, reactionary and sorta annoying.
We act like f-cking savages promoting killing each
other, treating women like shit, degrading men and
acting like animals in general in every channel we can
(movies, TV, radio, Internet).

Then you we want to cross over (so we can sell more
shit) to a broader audience (mostly whites) and ask
them to buy our self destructive depictions of
ourselves (you can buy ghetto hip-hop in Target stores
in the middle of whitest America). We cram the

negative bullshit down their throats and when they
throw it back up we get upset. We are demanding that
Imus get fired but don't chastise our own people to
act accordingly and responsibly. COME ON!!!

I am not saying he is right... in fact f-ck him and all
his people.
But the best way to solve a problem
is consider and then work on all the elements/parties
involved. As a father I can't let my kids listen to
"our music" cause of the nonsense it pumps into their
heads, but that's cool and we support that... but this
one cracker wilds out... and we want blood. I have a
problem with that. If sh-t is wrong, then it's wrong
across the board, not just for one person. What is it
we want here? Change or momentary emotional satisfaction?

You can't act like a n*gger, call each other n*gger,
promote n*gger culture and then get upset when the
world treats you like one. Case and point, a south
Indian man who had no clue what a n*gger was called me
one when I was over there cause he was listening to
Snoop. If we want the world to see and treat us with
respect and value our place in this shit then we have
to stop acting like spoiled irresponsible children
present a position of intelligence and maturity.


While my friend makes some salient points, the comments fails to take into
consideration that Black people have been called publicly and privately variations of Nappy Headed Hoes since we landed in this country.

Moreover, we have been called these things PRIOR TO THE EXISTENCE OF HIP HOP.

OJ Murder. Blame Hip Hop.

Kids can't read. Blame Hip Hop.

Sean Bell got Killed Blame Hip Hop.



In all honesty Imus's statements and the fact that he thinks that apologizing
will make it better basically says,

" I don't think you are a nappy headed ho".

"I was just kidding".

"Besides what are you going to do about it?"

"People are still going to come on my show".

"Who cares that I called I called a team of Black Athletes Nappy Headed Ho's".

"It was a joke".
I spoke to one of my classmates today after Trademark.
And he said:
"The fact that Imus thinks that he can apologize and get away with it confirms what a lot of black pepole think on the low.

Which is that that inspite of "pc" talk, and diversity jargon, there are white people in very powerful positions that think that Black people have limited analytical faculties. That Black people are closer to animal species than the human species. Then statements like this slip out and the p.c veil hasis removed. We see them for who they really are, bigots. Word is bond."

When he told me this. I was like daaaamn Malcom.


Jesus. Who knew that so much fodder could come of this.



belledame222 said...

It sort of reminds me of how some (mostly white) radical feminists (among others) want to blame porn and "raunch culture" for sexual abuse, rape, harassment, etc. again, as you say: the attitudes were there long before.

Anonymous said...

i been quiet on all of this cause i wanted to see what would happen. i didn't want to hope the 'right' thing was done. i didn't want to hear another person talk about how al sharpton is a joke or how black folks need to blah blah blah.

the fact is this is a white people story. nobody in the community is real shocked. hell, how many of us can really say we ever listened to this dude in the first place. i feel like 'they' need to clean house. and until they do, some nutty white dude is gonna keep making headlines for airing their racist-ass laundry.

M.Dot. said...

hi ld.

neo said...

Hip Hop caused the genocide in Sudan.

Hip Hop invaded Iraq.

Hip Hop dropped the twin towers

What will hip hop do next?!

Watch out for the next episode of "What/Who/and When Hip hop will act" pt 1234356556

M.Dot. said...

Hip Hop caused the genocide in Sudan.

Hip Hop invaded Iraq.

Hip Hop dropped the twin towers

What will hip hop do next?!

A laughed....

Anonymous said...

hi triple T!

Hip Hop made my hair fall out. damn those nappy headed hoes!


M.Dot. said...

You need to stop.

When we linkin up?

Wachu doin?

Where you @?

Im offically stalkin you:)

M.Dot. said...

Hip Hop stopped me from doing my evidence homework.

neo said...

Hip Hop brought me back here..

Y'know on someone done already carved out a would-be Cam'ron verse using Imus as a gotta love pop culture.

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