Tuesday, April 03, 2007

DJ Triple Threat Presents: The Backpacker B-List Single Set


1. Where my homies?, Ill and Al Scratch. Sing-songey rap hooks. In the ninties?!?!?! WHuuuT?
Come around my wayyyyyy/ Come around my wayyyyy.
Prototypical hood homie anthem.

2. Jeru, the water song, Come Clean. On the strength of love I have for yall. Imma post it ALONG with the original. <<****yes my arms are open for all of the e-love!***>>>> Whoops. Couldn't find the orig. And I know ya'll have the Jeru version. At least I dug up the vid. Lol.
Control the Mic/Like Fidel Castro/ Lock Cuba...

3. Van Full of Pakistans, Yall So Stupid. I found this song again almost two years ago. I allways loved it.
"Why do I do drugs/ sh*t/ I lost my record deal."
Cats was bringing it in what. '92-'93. What.

4. Ghetto's been Good to me, YZ.
I don't even remember the beat to this song.

The hook was dope though. Old cat saying,

5. They Want Efx, Das Efx. The Baseline on this jawn is nasty. In fact it got stuck in my head in Feb and I had to itunes it.
Bum skipity, bum skipity bum ha....

6. Attitude, Rumpletiskins.
If anyone has this, holla at cha' m.dot. I needs to have it in my life.
"My additude is f*cked up/ and real sh*tty".
This hook reminds me of 12 cats, 6 blunts, 4 forties and 2 jeeps, just creeping through flatbush itchin' to get into something.

7. Pistol Grip Pump, Volume 10. Dude had the throaty, LA rap style. Where it seemed like he would start bucking at fools AND keep rapping and not miss a beat. He was the original Super Thug. Awwwwish.
Son of a b*tch Im rich/ that don't mean you can jank me/ All of my peoples are pimps/

I have a space for four more.

And I KNOW YALL got suggestions.

Bring 'em.


Running is good.

The pain after running hurts.



jaga_d_schmoov1 said...

wasn't even aware that a video even existed 4 'pistol grip pump'...str8 ryda musik...classic cali KNOCK.


what about 'dru down'
'come wit it' from the street fighter movie soundtrack?


Dj Triple Threat said...



But then again.


Fools usta love that "give it up/ give up/ give it to me"...pimp of the year ish....

You know I ryyyydes fam!

T.Reynolds said...

Yeah I had to pick up that Rumpletilskinz vinyl single again like last year? uhhh I forgot the b-side.... okay it was 'Hoooooooooooooodssss'. The shit on the album was 'mushroom talk' I think the first track ever made about shrooms? I lost the tape a long ass time ago.

T.Reynolds said...



Dj Triple Threat said...

@ T Reynolds.


Commish CH said...

Got rep for "Chief Rocka" by Lords of the Underground. Even the video was a backpacker's dream: breaking, grimy faces, hoods and Tims...priceless.

Also, Trendz of Culture, "Off and On."

Dj Triple Threat said...


Trends of Culture HEEELLL NAW.

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