Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hello Black America, Philadelphia is calling.


I love Philly. I love New Orleans, Detroit and Oakland too.

D.C. can get it also.

That being said, this article appealed to me, so I gaffled it. Enjoy.

In a hospital emergency room, a young man winces as doctors try to determine how badly he has been injured.

His name is Karim Williams, he is 27, and he is this city’s latest shooting victim. He says he was hit around 12:30 a.m. by a shot fired while he was walking from his girlfriend’s car into a bar.

Mr. Williams was fortunate. The bullet went through his leg without hitting bone or major blood vessels, and after a shot of morphine and a few hours’ observation, he will be discharged from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania back into the West Philadelphia night.

In some ways, Mr. Williams is a typical patient at the trauma unit: young, mildly intoxicated and apparently with no idea why he was shot. What makes his case less common, doctors here say, is that he is neither seriously injured nor dead, since Philadelphia is in the midst of an epidemic of gun violence that has left the police struggling to preserve public safety and government officials renewing efforts to tighten the state’s gun control laws.

I wonder how many dudes will have to die before......the national guard is called.

Last year, there were 406 homicides in Philadelphia, most of them by gunshot, the highest number in nine years, according to the Police Department. From 2004 to 2006, the number of homicides in the city rose 22 percent, more than twice as much as the aggregate increase recorded by 56 cities surveyed by the Police Executive Research Forum, a national law enforcement group.

This year, the pace of the killings has worsened; as of Friday the death toll stood at 110, or 16 percent higher than at the same time last year. By comparison, in New York City, with six times the population, there were 102 homicides from Jan. 1 to April 8, a drop of almost 24.4 percent from the same period a year ago. The rise in violence is evident at the University of Pennsylvania hospital, whose trauma unit treated 479 gunshot victims last year, a 15 percent increase over 2005. Some 18 percent of the attacks were fatal, and 16 percent of the victims will suffer permanent disabilities, like paralysis from head or spinal injuries, amputations, or long-term damage to internal organs.

Is Philly the East Coast Oakland? No I guess that would be Newark. Why don't the Mayors and the governers and police chiefs of these cities get together to talk about problems and solutions? Oh. I guess that would be too much like right.


It's raining cats and dogs yall and I have a baked potato in the OVEN. I HATE the fact that the C train is jaked on the weekends. How was your weekend?

Its gonna be cold for the rest of the week.

That will make camping out the the lib that much easier. LOL.


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