Sunday, April 22, 2007

M.Dot's Semi-Annual Blog Round Up.


Im busy. However, I have to hold it down for my blog fam, na'mean?!?!?!?

Here are some bloggy style innernet funn 'ish.

Check 'em out. They got jewwalllss.

1. Bust the Facts. Its nice to go to a blog and see white lables.
Something about the gray background that I find soothing.

2. Crooklyn's Finest. Dude. They got Crooklyn Boom Bap Game Sewn up.

3. The Cocoa Lounge I spent 15 minutes looking for this blog. I thought I bookmarked it. Then I did a google search. And Voila! Black gurl fashions and pop commentary. Muy Nice.

4. Not a Blog. But a great article on Selling Black Folks Hope on a Stick. NICE!

5. Crate Kings. If Pete Rocks record label had a blog. It would be this one.

6. Wake Your Daughter Up. Just on the strenth that these fools have a zip of possee cuts watin for you like a delicious milkshake at 7:55pm on a Sunday night. You needs to peep 'em.

6. Can't Stop the Bleeding. His/her blog tags makes my shit looke paltry (<<**betchu ain't no I could use paltry in a sentence.

  • Leave no child unbeaten.
  • Genocidal Tendencies
  • Wifebeater is not a Fashion Statement
  • Organized Hate
  • Lower Education
7. The Free Slave. I pretty much like anything w/ slave in the title.

8. White Collar Crime Prof Blog. Go head and LEARN UP on the White Collar Crime w/ some smart law profs.

9.Crunk and Disorderly. And I thought I was idiosyncratic.
When somebody gonna give Fresh a radio show?

10. Poison Paragraphs. Dude. Come on Wu.Tang. Iilteration. NASTY.

Check 'em out and tell me what you think. Pray for me. I need to perform with my A game this week, and I have been having some distractions.





Fresh said...

Thanks so much for the love :)

M.Dot. said...

@ Fresh.

Yes m'am.

Ya jawn is tha truth!

neo said...

I ain't from BK but that logo is de troot..need that on a tee..

M.Dot. said...

It is a T.

check digital

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