Monday, April 30, 2007

Oakland Got a Whole Lotta' Sh-t Crackin'.



One of our Freeways Melted.

The Warriors beat the MAVs.

"Silly @ssed class mate gone ask me last night, while we were in the lounge
watching the game (me briefly on study break) are you a warriors fan?

I respond, dead up, "Im from Oakland".

Like. N*gga. Don't talk to me dude.

Then he said hella smug,

"Oh really, well I went to CAL".

He offered it in such an off handed, outta pocket and condescending manner.

And I was like, "I went to Mills". What?

But he was back in his little world by then.

Now see I would have been wrong if I said, "Well sh*t You ARE Chinese".

And before my Asian and black homies get on me for being racist,

I don't give a f*ck where he went to school.

He is the Quintessential northern cali Model Minority, No?

He should have just kept eating his Wendy's and left me the f*ck alone, and let me enjoy my baron davis going hawwwd.


Randy ignat @ss Moss got Traded to New England.

And the Raiders got the number one Pick.

Sho'll would be nice if they could win half their games this season.

I think I need to do a Blog post on "NFL's issues" with Black masculinity

File this post under town b'ness.

Feeling like I been bloggin'like my life depended on it.



Nexgrl said...

Yes, it's a little hectic out here right now. All of the traffic announcers are speculating on when the snarls will occur.

When I got to work yesterday, I told people that we would just have to bring back those methods we used in '89.

M.Dot. said...

I know.

That earfquake sh*t was TYPE real.


Miss Ahmad said...

that freeway melt his highly suspicious if you ask me. Old boy was a straight felon, damn near riding dirty....

good thing terrorists aren't to interested in that side of the bay!

Randy Moss won't be good for nobody if he doesn't start take his damn meds and stop sleep walking on the field!!

M.Dot. said...

Randy Moss won't be good for nobody if he doesn't start take his damn meds and stop sleep walking on the field!

No you didn't.

Randy attitude @ss as out gullied in tha town.

They was like,
F*ck yo couch then.

Sit down you big baby!

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