Tuesday, May 01, 2007

MIMS is an @SS MAN.


Peace to Minnesota McGuyver for landing this sh*t ^^^ in my inbox.

Its fresh cuz you gotca four elements.

It would be DOPER if,


OH. Apparently mims is an @ss man.

Oh. Rappin' about the female form:

"Baby if you want to you can back it up
you say you like it rough, won't chu let me me smack it up
palm on ya' @ss thats, if you let me touch
I don't care about ya' breast, you could be a A cup"
I know what I like, and thats below the waist..."


Like some "Tell Me Whenna Go" type slap, a Salaam Remi seductive percussion and horns, or even some Yeye.

See he got onna Negro Hero.

I needs me a Nappy Headed Ho Hero t-shirt.

Say I won't wear it.

Remember when we were little, and we would say:

"Say I won't do it".



Mims. Uptown. Thats wassup.


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