Friday, May 18, 2007

So. Miles thought Louie was a Coon.


I made some n*ggas and NON negros alike mad over @ Noz's house. [You never REALLY know who's who on the innernet.] House.

I called three six Mafia Coons.

My intent wasn't shock blogger, per se.

Or that I threw the statement out there
for inflammatory reasons.

Yall know me. I got a code.

I knocks low brow, high brow, and the delicious middle.

HOWEVER. That does not mean that I won't call a spade a spade
when it comes to being critical regarding Black art.

I AIN'T gonna let the fact that some BLACK ART is sterotypical stop me from a. Listening to or watching it. b. Criticizing it.

Noz said something, and I responded. Simple as that.

If something strikes me, Imma respond, and DEFEND MY response w/ analytical reasoning.

This is how it went down.

Noz made a comparison between Mos and three 6.

Really it was quite revolutionary, predicting a confusing future where Three 6 Mafia would get more burn from the nerds than Mos Def.
I responded.

3-6 mafia= Imperial Coonage.

Mos Def= Refuses to Coon.


Then it went from there.

I am posting my response here,
because my responses @ Noz's house tended to get guantanamod .

In response to my statemen
t, one commenter, crooked letters said,

The problem is that post rawkus/BOBS, Mos hasn’t really produced hot shit. Instead of getting by on the strength of his artistic work, people buy his work because he’s not an “ignorant rapper.” For people who really are concerned with good politics, good rap music, and good combinations of the two, it would be the most fraudulous of frauds to get caught up in symbolic icons. its che guevera t-shirt politics.

Afer reading this I had the following questions.
1. Wait. So buying music by rappers that are "not ignorant" constitutes fetishizing them? How?

2. Buying rap by rappers that are NOT ignorant constitutes T-Shirt Politics?

3. I wager that ALL artist get by on the strength of their relationships w/ fans. Perhaps, Mos has done so more so than others. I argue that THIS is A Benefit one receives from being an artist. Its called having credit in the bank.

4. And What in the f*ck in '07, is good politics? That shit is HELLLA vague.


Making me defend MY b-boy love online.

These n*ggas ain't know Im ride or die, hunh?



M.Z. said...

light skin niggas is makin' a comeback.

Not to get all deep, but comaparing mos def to 3-6 is like comparing apples to oranges for real. The only thing they could ever have in common is if Mos got an oscar.

M.Dot. said...

light skin niggas is makin' a comeback.

Like who?

Mos would never get an oscar.

He refuses to coon.

OR be a greasy ass black cop, or a f*ck up greasy dictator.

White Hollywood loves to reward blackness that lacks in morals a spine or both.

M.Z. said...

I was talking about Pierre in Pat's video(Def Jam's How to be a player).

White Hollywood loves to reward blackness that lacks in morals a spine or both.

So you think that's always gonna be the case? I'm not saying Mos will get one, but that would be the only way they would have something in common. And which of those categories does Jennifer Hudson fall in?

M.Dot. said...


And which of those categories does Jennifer Hudson fall in?
Jennifer is Brown and big ( would say juicy, but you know how white folk are about the size of their women).

She is No threat.


When the last time you saw a Black dude co star w/ a white jawn and kiss her?

When the last time you saw a white dude co start w/ a black/latina jawn and have love interest rockin'.


neo said...

but cooning =/= getting an oscar. Certainly not in all cases. I hope you're not implying that Mos not receiving an oscar tantamounts to him refusing to coon...there's no actor or actress who wouldn't want an oscar, shoot even though Scorcese had to wait for donkey years to get his (he a director I know)..

For the 3-6 to Mos thing, that was a weak and silly comparison and I think a reaction to the current aggrandizement mainstream hip hop's been getting off late. You find a lot of folks clamoring for change, then those in between who want balance, then right-wing hip hop repubs who like to think of this alt universe where 36 get accolades and Mos def types get none..stuff's befuddling.

M.Dot. said...

1. Cooning certainly makes you more digestable to WB network.
a. Cooning=non threatening. Non threating= the pre-req.

2. Its the reason Flava gets a show and Chuck doesn't.

3. It's the reason Halle wins when she gets greasy w/ billie bob.

4. It's the reason Denzel wins when he plays a corrupt cop.

5. Is the reason Kara Walker got the "Genius" grant at 28.

6. The Reason why Forrest won playing a greasy assed Idi.

I don't mind the shine. In fact I grinds for it. However, when the accolades come, my antenna go up because I KNOW WHO my audience is, and who I have to answer to.

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