Thursday, May 24, 2007

Daily Kos, Feminist's & Frat Boy Esque Politics. I am SO F-CKING Glad I am Black.


This morning I get up.

Check the e-mail the blog.

I clicked on the homies lank.

Read her post.

You know me.

Im innately curious.

So then I was like.

What got her soul sturred up?

Then I started check the lainks.

And realized its Daily Kos and the feminist got some greasy blog founk cracking.

A short summary.

The above youtube ad was linked on Kos's site.

He "responded". Then the sh*t his the innernet fan.

White Feminist tripping.

Below a reader attempts to contextualize why Kos responded the way he did.

I don’t think the word “sexist” makes liberal guys quite as crazy as the word “racist” makes white people. But sometimes it comes close. Case in point: Some readers (mostly female, mostly feminist, I assume) objected to a sexist ad on the Kos sidebar, and Kos reacted with an over-the-top, condescending attack on the critics. He could have responded respectfully, in a way that didn’t alienate and insult a lot of his readers - but instead, he heard the word “sexist” and went a little crazy.

God I heart the innernet.

One jawn summed it up nicely when she said.

As feminists we hate it when left-wing men tell us to suck it up about our issues because talking about them is “divisive”. Why can’t we white feminists get that it’s just as patronising and just as ask non-white feminists to shut up about their issues?

You know whats hella funny. I thought of Imus immediatly when I read this comment from a reader at Daily Kos.

Its dope how people, both Black (R.Kelly) and White (IMUS) can explain sh-t away if they wanna participate in something.

I am an older woman, I love this site and spend much time here. Till now, I’ve been able to ignore most of the posts that were blatantly sexist and disrespectful to women, having long ago learned to pick my battles, and not to sweat the small stuff too much.

Have you ever read something and wanted to be a persons friend.

Well thats what happened when I read this.

Like someone above commented, I could basically give a shit about that ad. But the ad becomes a springboard from which to explore the real issues having to do with gender and power in the world.

it is interesting to see the comments of many of the people here, and to see how they would fit quite comfortably into any conservative republican bachelor party of the sort GWB and his cronies probably attend. And yet these same people consider the objections to corporate marketing and control of the female image as a conservatively-based thing. Quite ironic really. A fine example of men banding together to face the common enemy: women. The brotherhood of man, guess it really does ultimately transcend political affiliations.

Jawns talkin' bout jawns is jealous of THIS feminist
because that one got a book deal.

Jawns talking about women of color issues ain't takin seriously.

Sh-t . I read this post and felt like I got a masters in woman studies.

Yall thought I stayed on Imus. These jawns be using they innernet wireless to talk!

The good thing about being me is I trip off this sh*t all the time
so I ain't really pressed when a white jawn or a black jawn for that matter come out
they face.

Par for the course baby. <<<***Cynical. A tad. Protected. Allways! ========= ========= TMR gonna have a coronary. ======== ========


The Minority Reporter said...

I'm chilling...pleading da 5th...ordering:

All the Women are White, All the Blacks are Men, but Some of Us Are Brave: Black Women’s Studies


M.Dot. said...

You don't no sh*t bout no fif.

Fif. Smiff.

No immunity when you a mod min.

belledame222 said...

I don't think I'd actually watched the whole ad before, or not for a while.

and, besides everything else:

goddam, that's weak.

I mean--what? It was a stupid as shit show to begin with; then--oh, never mind, really.
dumb dumb dumb.

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