Tuesday, May 29, 2007

On Being Outside Your Comfort Zone.


That sandwich look hella good hunh?
I had a childhood desire of becoming a chef.

Food like THIS makes me realize that the desire hasn't completely left.

I ate four of them this weekend, which was Warm and Delish.

I will say that it was my FURST single MDay in a long @ssed time and that took some getting used to.

Only because I didn't have jam packed @ss schedule.

Ultimately it comes down to autonomy + passion.

Autonomy is dope.

Passion is essential.

Coming and going as you please. Staying a little later at the spot and not having to worry about "checking in".

The other side of THAT coin is: 1.) Waking up without the brunch buddy 2.) Not having someone to go get the ice and beer for the cooler. 3.) Needing somebody to go in the
kitchen to refill your lemonade spritzer.

I was outside my comfort zone this weekend.

Having to spend stretch's of time cooling out, NOT running around.

Yes there was SOME kickin' it.

But not like it has been in the past.

Plus holidays put hella pressure on your to have plans.

You learn alot about yourself when you take a holiday to the face.

How was yours?


Gemini's in the building.




Queens Knitting Mama said...

I want some of that sandwich! Keep the childhood dream alive! I'm so proud of you!


lightdigga said...

u can always call me for brunch. its my favorite meal. :-)

Miss Ahmad said...

holiday weekend was like a hodge podge of events, ranging from cooking brunch for a friend and I, seeing family and family friends....it may not have been exactly what i expected but sometimes you get what you get!

M.Dot. said...

sometimes you get what you get!

Real talk.

M.Dot. said...

sometimes you get what you get!


M.Dot. said...

childhood dream

I am A childhood dream.


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