Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Reading Online Comments is an Intense Exercise in Reading Horrible Logic.


Cousin Jeff writes an article that argues that "American Sexism can't be blamed on Hip Hop."

He also proffers that:

1. Despite over a decade of engagement, many would argue that the images of women in hip-hop have become progressively and destructively more negative than at any other time in history.

2. These images and lyrics, while acceptable for adults, are targeted to a demographic made up of young people ages 12 to 16. [He fails to mention that it is created for white children].

3. During the production of a documentary for BET, which focused on sex and hip-hop, I interviewed a panel of high school students. One of those students, a 15-year-old girl, stated that she was not satisfied with how she looked because she wanted to be like the girls in the videos. After all, the boys want to be with girls in the videos. One of the young men followed up by saying that the girls in the videos were cool to sleep with, but not to take home.

Hip-hop must accept a level of responsibility for the destructive reality played out in the lives of many young people as a result of the music.

4.The civil rights movement, which has been justifiably praised for its ability to change the social and political fabric of America for the better, was overwhelmingly sexist.

5. The soft porn we see on many cable networks, the access to all forms of porn via the Internet, and Madison Avenue's continued recognition that sex sells have desensitized an entire generation to the objectification of women.

Now for the comments that had me squinchin' up my face.

Dave Kramer, New York, New York To say that misogyny in hip-hop is the direct result of misogyny in the Civil Rights movement is quite a leap of faith. It also doesn't at all explain hip-hop's particular embrace of misogyny or why other, equally male-dominated cultures didn't (even remotely) follow suit. If you're looking for a reason not to blame hip hop, this ain't it Cousin Jeff.
1. He didn't say that. He used the civil rights movement to demonstrate that sexism is in other places also.

2. Equally male-dominated cultures didn't (even remotely) follow suit. Like where in China, where the gurl babies are murdered on the reg. Or in Darfur, where the women and gurl babies are raped on a daily. Or in Eastern Block countries where the girls are sold into prostitution. Or in Thailand, where girl child prostitution is rampant. Right. Because NO ONE ELSE IS RACIST (For the record, I collapse racism and sexism.)
Kyle, Washington, D.C.
Surely you cannot advocate that hip-hop plays a small role in sexism. Hip-hop lyrics and videos are the gateway to the "softcore porn" you mentioned. Porn is look at positively by only a niche of society but hip-hop is universally accepted and is available practically anywhere. Girls don't watch porn thinking they wish they looked like those girls; it's the hip-hop girls that they idolize. Hip-hop leads the way for sexism in America and makes it "ok". When sexism stops in hip-hop, we'll tackle other industries and cultural problems, but not until then.

1. Hip-hop leads the way for sexism in America and makes it "ok". Wait.
a. So, Hip Hop is responsible for LEADING AMERICA MORALLY? NICE!
b. Who the hell was responsible for the country morally before 1977?

Hip-hop is universally accepted and is available practically anywhere.
Actually no. Wall Streets version of Hip Hop is practiced everywhere. OUR version is practiced among us.


Hip hop lives.

You die.



vik said...

my sentiments exactly m dot. that's why i posted this about the "racism in b-ball" nytimes article:


COMMENTS on the internets are crazy. anonymity goes a LONG WAY. just ask obama.

btw, posted some CALI tracks in honor of your boy davis and crew:


damn, didn't mean to be all self-promoting.

hip hop LIVES!!!

M.Dot. said...

Hip Hop SO lives fanlee.

Good Lookin' on that Bay Love.

We coming for the jazzz, GYEEAAAH!..

I have been away from the last few and ain't peep that obama till today and was like daaaaaaayum!

neo said...

When ignorance attacks should have been the title of this entry, seriously famo.

M.Dot. said...

When ignorance attacks should have been the title of this entry, seriously famo.


"The rappers are the reason why the kids are so mysogynistic".

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