Sunday, May 20, 2007

Things I have Learned from Black men :::::or ::::: He said he was Perfect


The first that was:
1. Know how to wake up and be content w/ yourself.
I was kicking it w/ the Graduate one day.
I was said Good Morning.

He was like. Good morning.
I asked him how he was doing?

He said he was perfect.

That he could use a lil bit more cash, but that he was perfect.
And I was like damn. He in his first year of the Ph.D. jawn, so we are in similar boats, but Ol boy's spirit wa
s good money.
I knew then that I wanted to cultivate the ability to wake up like that.

2. Be capable of blocking the world out for hours. When push comes to shove,
these cats can block out the world and get they grind ON. And that is the way
to be productive.

The last 8 weeks before finals I started using the library.
I realized how necessary
it was to turn off the phone, and sh*t even the im in order to

be productive over a 5-8 hour period.

3. Sleep is great, but learning how to live on a little is amazing.
Jawns I know really don't sleep alot. Meaning 70-80% the Black men I know, the Architects, Artist, Directors, Writers, B-Boys, DJ's, they sleep maybe 3-5 hours max.

I don't know if its the hustle that NYC requires, or the neurosis of being a black man grinding, but cats don't sleep. I likes my beauty rest.

I don't like waking up looking like a raccoon in the eyes.


What I did take from this was that the planning the night before a big day is important as the BIG day itself. So. If I NEED that sleep, then imma prolly have to take it down a notch the night before.

4. Black men have no problem putting themselves first.
At first, being newly single, I was put off by it. Then I learned from it and started incorporating it into my own greasy. Cats put themselves first.

They do what they wanna do, when they wanna do it.

Sh*t. While I am capable of doing the same, women in this culture are not TAUGHT to do it on g.p.

If I am at a fork at the road, then imma go forself.

If its gp errry day, then imma prolly think of other people.


After seeing how dudes rock. Not in '07. I struggles with this TO THIS DAY.

But I am very mindful of how a jawn handles it and form follows form.

If You put me first, I follow form. You greasy and put me on the bench, then don't trip when that sh-t gets done to you.


Black men lesson's in '07.

"I keeps a pen/ Like a feen keep a pipe to 'em".



Anonymous said...

"4. Black men have no problem putting themselves first."

i am still working on this one - big time! to do this without 'guilt' is really my challenge.

M.Dot. said...

to do this without 'guilt' is really my challenge.


The thing about it is.
Is gettin sat on the bench enough, she I learned how to do me.
Not even maliciously. Because the jawns he ride for me, I rides for them.

But if they coming sideways, no matter how much I like 'em, or how much chemistry or how many fun times....f-ck that.

GOt a "B" in M & A.

My momma was so cayute.

She was like.
Trynna figure it out on the phone with me.

And was like...So. You got a B in Corporate Takeover and I was like Yeah MOmma. Thats exactly it.


Anonymous said...


M.Dot. said...


you stink.

M.Dot. said...


you stink.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but that's a step up from this morning, though.

Unknown said...

Hey, mama! It has been 4eva, but I'm ba-ack!

How do we reprogram ourselves to put ourselves first? (Dudes are SO good at it!!)

When I started doing it, it wasn't easy, but like anything, it got easier. Then, I got better at it, and now, why would I go back?!

Yes, my extra X chromosome still summons me to nuture, and I do! It's just that, like you mentioned, I play my position a lot better. And I notice that when I do, I normally end up in a better position.

(No pun intended...but still a great pun, by accident :p)

M.Dot. said...

Whuddup Ma.

Gurrl Listen.

Putcha self FURST for trill.

Its hard.

Cuz you know what.

Ain't nobody gonna protect you like you.

M.Dot. said...

Yeah, but that's a step up from this morning, though.

Why you trynna air out my greasy.

Come back tt.

I miss you.

You know you my muse.

Got me flurtin' which all on tha innernets.

I don't gives a f-ck tho.

Lemme give you somma that convo game.


^^^SO outta pocket.

(last nights bottom shelf vodka talkin).

Anonymous said...

Yeah, i missed you, too.

I'm back.

You almost got me actin' greasy. Time and place, though.

M.Dot. said...

Time and place, though.<<<<<<<<***Jesus does not approve of el greasy.

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