Thursday, May 24, 2007

On Attraction.


Attraction bugs me out. I mean you can be moving right along in a friendship, or just talking to someone and then they so or do something that makes you think "Does John John like me?" Im deading the graduate.

It wasn't like anything been poppin'. He just came kinda wack a few weeks ago. And because I have been on this mission to realize my gifts and I have 2 count, them 2 B's (grades so far, collar poppin ya'll) and counting, I guess I got my swag back. <<<***Winter '07 Swag disease. LOL.

Pet Dectective
told me that people come into you life for a reason a season or a lifetime and I feel him on that.

It all goes back to the Warriors.
See. The grad and I both like ball. So the theory was to take a lil break and catch a game.

I kid you not, he showed up w/ his lil cuz. Dude is like 19 or 20.

In fact they are more like brothers than anything.
Now I don't mind. I adore lil cuz. But I don't think I have SEEN the graduate in '07.

So you bring a third wheel.

AND he ain't tell me that that he planned on doin.
So How in the f*ck you gonna show up to the spot where we 'posta be gettin our Homer simpson in watching Baron Davis magic.

And the youngin' sitten there.

I felt like I could TAWK the way I wanted to.<<** mouth is foul.

Feel me?

Any hoo.

That last lil ember of attraction that was simmering just got handled by
a bucket o' water.



Attraction. Let's go summer '07.



Anonymous said...

Not a smart move on his part.

I got one for you though. On sunday i was at my girls house, along with my brother, sister, and various other people. It's getting late and I'm waiting for everyone to leave so I can get some alone time. Everyone is leaving and my sister(bless her soul) asks my brother is he riding with her? Like the dummy he is, he says "naw I'ma ride with Marshall."

Everyone looks at him like wtf, but I play it cool and don't say a word. Five minutes later, I'm like "let's go." He's like you ready already?, I thought you was gonna stay awhile." I'm like get in the car and shut up.

Driving home, my girl calls me saying she wasn't ready for me to go. Long story short, I drop my brother off and turn around before he even gets in the house.

Moral of the story M. Dot: You better send lil' cuz to juniors for some cheesecake next time(jk).

still can't believe he did that.

M.Dot. said...

still can't believe he did that.

I can.

He foune.

But he ain't THAT dude.

He. In a lot of ways helped me realize my personal power.

And I will allways be endeared to him for that.

For Trill.

As far as some shit poppin off this summer or in the future.

He deaded.

He gots some new jawns crackin on the scene. He deserves it. Im just not the one.

No phone calls.
No emails.
No nothing.
A wrap.

Plus its summer.

If you ain't made up your mind my now you prooly never will.

He will be an AMAZING history professor. I'll tell you that much.

Anonymous said...

Its Hard out here for a pimp, huh M.Dot ?

Anonymous said...

Keep on rolling though, I didn't find who I'm with til I stopped looking. I went through the last three years in school, basically doing what you are now. I did me; let God takeover and lived my life.

Congrats on the grades by the way.

M.Dot. said...

Congrats on the grades by the way.



I left a piece of my fucking SOUL in that library dude.

Im mean.
I am really considering setting up a table in bedstuy to tell young gurls listen, IF YOU WANNA DO IT, ITS POSSIBLE, I HAVE DONE IT AND I COME FROM WHERE YOU COME FROM you dig?


That trademark grade need to be in the A zone.

If so imma backflip across tha mo-f*cking b-k bridge. real talk.

M.Dot. said...


You hush.

You know im greasy.


A bitch got a a code.

Can't be willy nilly all out.

Nah saying.

He breached.

He deaded.

Simple as that.

The Minority Reporter said...

I think P.Diddy aka pet detective LMAO will creep on a come up this summer...just my predictions

neo said...

but was he ON you like THAT tho? He was out of pocket for that tho..funny me and my manz were talking about this one time and I was like HECKY NAW..any chick that does that I'll str8 up walk out on her on the date..I ain't playin that..

M.Dot. said...

think P.Diddy aka pet detective LMAO will creep on a come up this summer

He is such a bug out tho.

Like real supportive.


But AIN't trynna kick it.

I guess thats what happens when you tell a cat in Feb that you ain't wana man.

Then few months later, start sniffin'.

Sh*t I had l-school to conquer.

Naaah mean?

Full disclosure.

I was KINDA mean to him.
Some akward sh*t went down and I was like. Um no.

Then changed my he rides me on:
[1] Realizing my gifts.
[2] Presuming positive intent.
[3] Beating my self up when I make a mistake.

So we will see.

M.Dot. said...

but was he ON you like THAT tho?

No. He wasn't.

I will be truthful.

BUT. The lil tension was allways there, but I ain't stupid.

OL boy is a catch.
Naaah mean.

I presumed ok summer time, perhaps somethin' will pop.

But that cousin sh*t.

All bad.

Put it like this.

Any benefit of the doubt. Got killed by that.

Quiet as its kept, that night he dropped me off, and I went for the quasi platonic cheek to cheek kiss and THIS NIGGA TURNED THE SIDE OF HIS FACE TO ME.

At the point I KNEW.
He had me f*cked up and I owed it to myself it keep it moving.

THAT RIGHT THERE.That was the kicker.

Its just hard when a person:
[1] is beautiful,
[2] loves oakland gurls (said I reminded him of an En Vogue Jawn<<** YOu know that had me
[3] Loves Black people
[4] Has an education but ain't hella stuck up (I mean yall remember that Freeway post. I got in his car and that is what the n*gga was playing the Freeway album. I was like. God, why are you playin' me like this?)


Its summer.

My lip gloss is shinin'.

the prisoner's wife said...

hey sis,

just droppin in to say wha a gwan, star?

i'll be in bklyn summer 07...


Anonymous said...

Sounds like these people have issues. You have to know when to hold um and when to fold um. What I mean is some people, no matter how good they look are not worth it.

M.Dot. said...

What I mean is some people, no matter how good they look are not worth it.

On 'erry thing I love fam.

M.Dot. said...

@ tpw.


You know how I feel about you and the fam.

Especially the chalala.


For Super Trill.

neo said...

Yeah he prolly put you in the friendzone or my favorite...sister-sister..

I can see why a dude would do that tho..'cos you too cool sometimes...

M.Dot. said...

prolly put you in the friendzone or my favorite

Dig it.

He was checkin for me.

"You still working out. How it look now".

"Hows that mouth doing".

"When we gonna get up and play ball together?'

"Watchu lissenin' lately?"


He just wasn't pressed.

And that WAS COOL for spring '07.

Not cool for Summer '07.

neo said...

Well it could be you were an option...or there was some level of attraction but he didn't wanna proceed with the proceedings...*shrug*

M.Dot. said...

you were an option.


And as a lady, I have an obligation to myself to do whats in my best interest regardless of howo BE-YU-tiful he is.

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