Sunday, May 20, 2007

These N*ggas Got Keys, Gats and Whips. Good Lawd.


77 Greenside IS the truth.
He right about it being a million dollar spot.
In fact. Sh-t. My brother usta f*ck w-green side.

A young lady from youth radio sum's it up perfectly when she reflects
on a desceased friend saying,

All his friends from his East Oakland turf — called Greenside — were there. Greenside is not a gang, but if you live in Oakland, every block has a name, and people are loyal to their block no matter where they move.


Two things I noticed.

1. How ol boy gonna be on camera showing his stash? Posession w/ intent to distribute.

2. How other dude gonna be on camera w/ his gat? Prolly a violation of probation. Posession of a loaded fire arm.
Niggas be trippin off that stupid shit.
I stay w/ heat, up under that seat.
If you ain't got no pistol, you never know. You get your head busted @ any time.
Stay wichyours/ cuz Imma have mine.
Did you see the under cover try and cop?


Death is so common in the ghetto. You can ask any one how many
loved ones they lost, and they will have a football roster.
And Richmond jawns don't play.

Richmond like Philly.
You don't go there w/o at least two gats, mace and a stun gun.
"When its possible for a 17 year old kid to make $15,000 off one transaction in the hood, you can't tell him to go to college.
Man Listen.

"How does it feel to wake up and beef erry day?
Real Talk.


Felt Like I just watched an episode of the Wire: East Oakland.

My homies that I speak to, can you see where I get the language "code speak" from?



Nexgrl said...,
I understand you completely. There are parts of my neighborhood that resemble this. It is both scary and sad. The language, sometimes the youngsters get so frustrated with me. I am constantly asking them to repeat themselves.

M.Z. said...

Sad thing is that every hood has a video similar to this circulating. Only difference is the background scenery.

M.Dot. said...

The language, sometimes the youngsters get so frustrated with me
No. I mean the east coast jawns be like...wachu just say....cuz of the 510 meet the 718.

M.Dot. said...

Only difference is the background scenery.

Every hood is different.

Some jawns of gangs.

Some have turfs.

Some have dirt roads.


Nexgrl said...

I knew what you were referring to. I meant that when they are trying to ask me a question, I have to ask them to repeat themselves. It can take me a while to pick up the meanings and you know those questions sound quite different with a mouth full of gold.

M.Dot. said...

those questions sound quite different with a mouth full of gold.


Hell naw.

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