Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Is Freeway the Nat Turner of Rap?


Is it that beard.

Or where the baldy meet the beard near his ear?

Or the that wrinkle in his nose between his eyes. <<<<**Yeah. Im observant. I know.
And that boy CAN RAP.

Cuz when the teeth stop showin'
and the stomach start growlin'

Then the heat start flowin'

If you from the hood I know you feel me
~What We Do

It COULD be the way he curl his upper lip when he rap.

For trill. Freeway is the kind a dude I want in the back seat in a drive by.
But I'm never snitchin'
I'm a rider

If my kids hungry
snatch the dishes out ya kitchen
~What We Do
Dude. Imagine Freeway up in ya kitchen, gafflin' ya dishes' fer HIS KIDS. ALL BAD.

I think its the beard that really give him that I burn your plantation down appeal.


Could you imagine? The Nat Turner School for Leadership!

W/ Freeway as the principal!



Anonymous said...

Nexgrl said...

I had similar thoughts about Freeway when he first hit the scene. He just looks like he can past that grimy test with ease.

M.Dot. said...

I think its the passion too.

"stealing dishes?"

Hell naw.

@slushygutter said...

I love the beard, I wish I could grow one. Of course if I did I'd look like the 4th member of ZZ Top.

neo said...


you're on a ROLL with these rappuhz..

I mean that joint was contagious, "even though what we do is wrong?"


M.Dot. said...

shawty...waht song go? doom do do dommm SHOTAAAAY?

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