Thursday, April 26, 2007

Jesus. Can Hip Hop Live?


First Imus and now this.

NYC prosecutors are going after b-boys RETROACTIVLY w/ CIRCUMSTANCIAL EVIDENCE.


Relying on computer evidence seized from his Manhattan home last October, the district attorneys in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens have charged Mr. Ket under his real name, Alain Maridueña, with 14 criminal counts, including trespass, criminal mischief and making graffiti. If convicted, he could potentially face decades in prison and huge financial penalties.
These cats are really try to make a name off of proscuting HH related folks. Man. Listen.
The case could pose an important test for prosecutors and the police, since Mr. Maridueña was never caught in the act and has no previous criminal record in New York City. Instead, the government’s case appears to be based largely on what prosecutors say is the unmistakable detail of his graffiti signature — his “KET” tag — and the fact that the tag is visible on photographs of illegal subway graffiti that were entered into Mr. Maridueña’s home computer only hours after identical work was discovered on subway cars.
I forwarded this to Minnesota this weekend and he respond
this shyt is DEEP..criminalization of public art and
what about
billboards?..the public isn't
consulted as to whether we want big/@ss liquor ads
in our neighborhoods or mcdonalds, etc...they just put
their shyt upand we haveto deal w/it...why not graf?..
they are self-promoting vs capitalismoriented'advertising'
--cats just want to be seen/heard?..why is it only
okay when corporations that have more rights than
brn/blk ppl do it?...F****UUUUUUUUUUCK THAT SON.
Mr. Maridueña, 36, has pleaded not guilty to all
the charges. He maintained in an interview that
he was nowhere near the subway trains or stations
that were vandalized, and said he believed he was
being singled out because of his professional
ties to Marc Ecko, the designer, who has championed
graffiti as an art form and has tangled with
Hall over graffiti.


Hip Hop 0. Corporations 1.



neo said...

What we will see is hip hop take more of a revolutionary/reactionary stance...them dudes gon' force cats to get into battle mode and pen moving lyrics in a minute..

Hip hop will still be ain't going nowhere, balee dat.

Dj Triple Threat said...

You think so.

I think it might have to go back to 89 blood.

neo said...

Won't happen..too many ppl making money off this junt. You think cats just gon' let stuff slide? Naaah..even if labels jump ship dudes will still slang cd's. Now will it force cats to be more honest and authentic and put more thought behind their rhymes? Heck yeah...

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