Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Imus: 0. Nappy Headed Ho's: 1.


Update. Your boy has been suspended.

The Rutgers team is going to "meet" with him.

Here are some interesting quotes that I have collected around the internet.
The players said today that,

We just hope to come to some type of understanding of what the remarks really entailed," said team captain Essence Carson. "We [would] just like to express our great hurt … the sadness that [this] has brought to us."

Carson, Coach C. Vivian Stringer and other players described how Imus' remarks and the controversy that followed overwhelmed their achievement.

"We were stripped of this moment by the degrading comments made by Mr. Imus last Wednesday," said sophomore Heather Zurich. "We were insulted and, yes, we were angry."
The coach ,

Stringer, the coach, said her team was hurt by the remarks, but that the issue reaches beyond those 10 women. She also called on the nation -- and national media companies -- to reject hateful speech such as Imus'.

"This is not about the Rutgers women's basketball team, it's about women -- are women ho's? Would you want your daughter to be called that?" she asked. "It's not about them as black people ... it's about us as a people. ... I don't know how anybody could have heard this and not been personally offended."

Some New York Times readers respond,

Frankly, I think he should be fired. It won’t happen but it should. Imus’ comments were horrid, hateful, and abusive as well as racist. In most private companies, remarks made like that during the course of business would result with firing and probably a number of sensitivity sessions. What makes me sad is that Imus, CBS, and MSNBC executives believe that a few “mea culpas” are enough to smooth this thing over. I am a black women with 2 children. This is not funny. It is damaging.

— Posted by Selena L. Blackwell

If you think Imus is an insensitive, childish, clod then don’t listen to him for two weeks.

— Posted by aaron edmondson

Mr. Imus has apologized again and again. Let’s forgive and move on.

— Posted by L. Gatewood

Allowing Imus to remain in his job sends a message that racism is acceptable and excusable. Regular people lose their jobs, every day, for less offensive conduct.

— Posted by Paco

Punished? What is this Romper Room? He should be FIRED. I cannot walk into my office and refer to the black women employed there as “nappy headed hos,” without losing my job for being grossly offensive and cruel. Why should Imus get to keep his?

— Posted by Dan

Imus is probably one of the most racially tolerant shock jocks of them all. Although his comments were not politically correct, he’s a funny guy and his program is interesting and oddly enough, informative as well. Firing Don Imus will not advance anyone’s civil rights one iota, it will merely push racism further underground and create a backlash that may hurt those that were supposed to be helped in the first place. Let’s all take a chill pill here and then decide how we want to handle a situation that can escalate into something unintended.

— Posted by Sam Cruz



My questions are as follows.

Is he going to have to call a jewish women a cheap hot slut in order to get fired?

Or an asian woman a chinky submissive maid?

Really. What does this dude have to do to get fired?


No one else, in ANY WORK PLACE, regardless if talk was apart of their job, would be allowed to make these comments, and keep them.
You would be rushed to human resources w/ the quickness, and fired.







Janine said...

I don't really understand how this gets justified in any way by CBS or MSNBC. They're clearly not embarrassed enough, but what's the response? Is it :'it was a joke', or 'that's what they call each other, how did i know it was wrong?' or both...
That's hilarious, though, "take a chill pill".
Just chill out homies. Yo, what's the big deal? You know, your hair is kind of nappy.

M.Dot. said...


I KNOW. DON'T you LOVE THE LACK OF SHAME? Its kinda hot.

Its about the jiggaboos.

The Wanna B's.

The Darks vs. the lights.

The slave negros vs the field negros.

Here we have this wonderful, positive team, that almost had a cinderella B-BALL STORY.

And he called them Nappy Headed Ho's.

ITS about women in general. Its about what is acceptable in the workplace.

Its about corporations and their bottom line.

On another Note.

Why don't you have commenting enabled on your blog?

Janine said...

i used to get spammed by porn sites and other selling sites. when it wasn't 0 comments, it was 1 comment from porn seller, or nonsense from a certifiably insane friend.
you're like the third person to mention that this week, though, so i guess i'll open it up.

shock jocks get different rules because we like the excuse for the lack of restraint. unfortunately, he's saying what people think, what they giggle about in the lunch room or at home. i love how you mentioned what he was hired for, and his past remarks.

one of the reasons we're not seeing him get fired might be his choice of words. if he said coons, tar-babies, monkeys, darkies, jungle babies, niggers, etc he would have been gone right away. nigger might be debatable, actually. he might be getting off the hook because the easy response is 'what about hip hop?', 'what about what they say about themselves?'.

If not that justification, and/or 'it was a joke' or 'he's always controversial', I'm at a loss for why he isn't looking for another job. his apology is at wikipedia - he doesn't mention racism or sexism - they were "inappropriate" comments.

back to the incredibly boring erie doctrine...

M.Dot. said...

There is a pass word protector.



Awwwww. Erie Doctrine.

Dude. What about....Penoyer v. Neff. Hates that sh*t. LOL.

Right now Im working on Hearsay. Prior inconsistent statements of witnesses.


Feels your pain.

Anonymous said...

who thinks one of the girls from the team looks like jay z???

M.Dot. said...

you hella stupid.

neo said...

Who cares? I'm glad he said how he felt...I am FRIGGIN EXCITED about it all. I'd rather know the bigots than not know man...firing ain't gon' do JACK SQUIZZAT and we know that..it ain't gon send no type of message, other than ehh pc thing they would do. Black folk don't care either way...we've been called nappy headed (insert whatever you want) for the past how many years? Both at home and abroad this ain't gon' change nathan...

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