Monday, June 04, 2007

10 Reasons Why Knocked Up will be the FURST DVD I buy.


So I have seen it twice in 24 hours.

I know. I have a prollem.
The first time in BK downtown, everyone got all the witty jokes.

Second time, midtown, teenagers were there and the white people
got mad at how loud they were.

Which brings me to the TEN REASONS WHY KNOCKED UP

1. She needs to get an A word. What an a-smortion?
Yes, she needs to go to the a-smortion clinic and get
an a-smortion.

2. "You look like Babe ruths gay brother, Gabe Ruth."

3. What did you think I had on a d-ck skinned condom?

4. You were drunk? Was your vagina drunk too?

5. You came in here dressed up like a cholo on Easter.

6. Your nothing but a Doorman.

Doorman. Doorman.

7. I hate my job. I can only let in 25% black people.

8. I will f*ck you. I will TAP that ass.You old, not as in the earth,
but as in the club. She pregnant. I can't have old and pregnant
women running around the club.

9. So did you get a lot of flack when you changed your name from
Cat Stevens to Yusef Islam.

10. Dude. The shrooms are turning on me.


Thank god for Judd Apatow.



Texas Truth said...

You went TWICE already?

You lost all standing.

M.Dot. said...

a. you stay out of it.

b. You stink.

c. It was an offer I couldn't refuse.

The Minority Reporter said...

How u remember all dem quotes...huh Mdot...wuz u taking notes in the movies? :::insert infamous lol:::

M.Dot. said...


I like Judd.

Thats how I 'member.

lightdigga said...

yeah. i'm wit TX on this one--twice!?

i only saw half of it today (i'll see the other later probably). i thought dude was kind of belligerent(sp?). and i thought they glossed over the whole smobortion issue. kind of chicken-shit actually.

M.Dot. said...

Say word.


When someone offers you a flick, and you like the director. do you turn it down?

Smobortion. Wack. Really?

How do you think he could have did it differently?

What would you have done diff?

I got your txt on Sat by the way.

I think I was sleep. ^^I know. Wack.

M.Dot. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Janine said...

apatow? hmmm. i didn't like 40 year old virgin, but i hear freaks and geeks and larry sanders are brilliant, so maybe i'll give him another shot.

that sucks about your grade. i've been thinking about finding my writing professor. i know threatening professors is bad, but... the grade was based on 2 papers, the first was a 1st draft and the second was meant to be a revised, final draft. i got the same grade on both papers, even though i changed the first paper (the 1st draft) only in the exact ways that the professor told me to. that doesn't make any sense. i'll plead insanity.

i don't have all my grades yet, still waiting. besides my writing grade, i have one other and i'm pretty happy with it. so we'll see.

M.Dot. said...

About papers.

Don't stalk 'em.

Because at the end of the day, the fact that you rewrote your jawns, is what matters.

I have screwed my self, out of two internships so far because I didn't think my writing sample was good.

I printed that b*tch out two days ago and was like, THIS MUTHAFC*KING brief is HELLA GOOD.


But imma charge that sh*t to the game and consider it a lesson learned.

I noticed you never aimed me you punk:)

lightdigga said...

okay so i thought about it and here is what i would have done in that scene:

i after they both talked to their folks about 'what i should do' i would have had a scene between the two of them where the audience did not know where each of them was coming from. a 'we should talk about this moment'.

i would have given stronger voice to her possibly losing her career (and freedom) because of this decision, voice to his rights (or lack there of) in whatever decision she makes, and allowed their fear of how the other would react to whatever choice they made. then after all that, allowed them to make the decision together (not her saying. 'here's what i'm gonna do' then him saying 'cool, i was hoping you'd say that').

and i DEFINITELY would not have had that conversation over the phone. it was a great opportunity to begin solidifying them as a unit who are in this together. i think doing what i said above THEN ending with the 'don't fuck me over' comments would have worked nicely.

as it went, it took a really long time for me to believe they 'loved' each other at all. in fact, i am not sure i ever believed it.

so there you go. my two cents for all its worth.

M.Dot. said...


You are such a director.

Super Muah

i would have given stronger voice to her possibly losing her career (and freedom) because of this decision,
Right. Not enough angst.

That sh*t do be real in "real life."
Especially if you work infront of the camera.

voice to his rights (or lack there of) in whatever decision she makes,
He was waaay to complacent.
But that complacency also goes to how much of a slacker he was over all as a person.

and allowed their fear of how the other would react to whatever choice they made.
You know what it is? Judd is more comfortable w/ humor than he is w/ drama. Its like how Spike is more comfortable w/ Race then women.

He leaned toward keeping it light and humorous instead of tapping into the fear/angst triggered by the situation.

The only moment he did that was at the table when the other husband said,

"Remember when we all had dreams before we had kids"...My jaw dropped...I couldn't believe someone said that sh-t in a movie!

M.Z. said...

I googled murder yesterday.........

It was really funny, but your right M. Dot he's much more adept with the comedy than drama. Even though the end wasn't bad, it just paled in comparison to everything that came before it.

I also think her job situation was realistic. Entertainment(gossip) news is fueled by ratings. She tried to hide it, but her bosses found out(a little late). They confronted her and basically told her she would have been fired if not for the ratings spike from her pregnency.

Although it would have been funny for her to get fired when he got his job.

M.Dot. said...

I googled murder yesterday.........

Dope T-shirt.

I don't think I have loved a movie this much since Clueless.<<***KNOW yall gone talk shit about that.

M.Z. said...

Rollin' with the homieeeeeeeees

It's funny, but Stacey Dash is on point in this movie.

M.Dot. said...

M.Z. said...
Rollin' with the homieeeeeeeees


NOT since clueless have i LEARNED SO MANY lines from a movie.


Clueless Post.

Coming up.

Stacey gives me SERIOUS body envy.

Im mean she if 45 and bad as f*ck dude.

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