Thursday, June 07, 2007

Dave Chappelle is Coming Out with a Cartoon on Adult Swim.



I know. Im mean.

A girl can dream tho.

I was reminded of Chappelle this past weekend when
I was in Barnes and Nobles looking at bo William Jelani Cobb's book "The Devil and Dave Chappelle":

If slavery' s economic benefits have echoed down to the present generation, is it hard to believe that it's damages have also?
[From the essay]
Cobb also mentions that Barnard College of Columbia University is named for F.A.P Barnard. N*gga looked like he owned slaves.

William and Robin D.G. Kelly, of Your Momma's Dysfunctional fame need to forumlate and start poppin' out lil schools for black boys around the country.

F*ck wachu going through.

These cats are brilliant.


Brilliant Black Men.




neo said...

What's the cartoon about?

M.Dot. said...

Ha ha .

Very Funny.

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