Sunday, June 03, 2007

Momma, I Want a Scraper Bike...


Scraper Bike by the Trunk Boiz.

10 Reasons why the video is fresh.

1. They ain't talking about crack.

2. Reminds me of Real Hip Hop. A concept. A hook. Lil dancing.

3. There was nary big juicy @ss being paraded around.


5. The production quality was decent given the budget.

6. Seeing the Oakland A's themed SB hit a soft spot for me. <<<***nerd. 7. Seeing them ghost ride the sb. 8. The first rapper rapped w/ enthusiasm and passion. 9. Made me want a scraper bike. White and Blue. 10. No mention of killing a n*gga, murking a n*gga, having sex w/ a gulr. Just hip hop del.ish.ousness.



Peace to Ninoy Brown putting baby gurl on.



A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

OMG girl why was I just about to post this video??!!

I love it, I love it cuz it's from the Town..I mean Town Bizness official and I love it because it reminds me home and the 80's. Just good clean fun!

M.Dot. said...

Good Clean Fun is right!

VERY few things coming out the town is gcf!

Anonymous said...

Thought this was hella interesting.

Nexgrl said...

I was too lazy to watch this video yesterday. I saw an old man riding in the cuts on one of these about 8 months ago. I am so slow sometimes, I thought the man may have been handicaped.

**I was only in the cuts because that's where the autobody repair shop I go to is located.

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

@ know good and damn well that only people from town talk about being in the "cuts" that has cracked me the hell up!

Anonymous said...

youtube is the greatest invention since electricity.

Nexgrl said...

Aunt Jackie, They use "cuts" out here also. Maybe it's just a bay thing. And you know they got a bunch of "cuts" in SF, from the Tenderloin to the Bayview.

M.Dot. said...


Your blog is delish.ious.

Do we "know" each other?

M.Dot. said...

If things go wrong with a puzzle, identifying the culprit is easy: it's the person who withheld information.
Malcom Gl freaks me out/.

Saw him in Union squar last summer.
That hair and those legd and feet.

Not cool.

^^^Above quote is an reaffirmation of one of my main rebuttals.

The market responds to the information given to it.

I read the 10-K and the 10-Q that first weekend,"
They speak-a-my-language-a.

Corporate quarterly and annual reports.

Anonymous said...

these kids tight. my favorite part was how they almost biked into several driving cars

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. It was great to see these guys having fun and being kinda' silly.

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