Saturday, June 02, 2007

Black Women are Stupid, White Women are Stupider.


I bet that got your attention.

Now that I have it.

Three things have me thinking about how short sided and ultimately stupid we are.

A. How is the government gonna TAX ME HIGHER because I filed jointly with my husband?
The marriage tax is real and it needs to be address.
For example, the fact that a married couples COMBINED incomes, if they file jointly, throw them into a higher income tax bracket. Thus the second income, which is usually the womans, is taxed at a significantly higher rate than if she filed seperately.

B. Abortion is NOT a fringe issue. Do you know any who has had one recently or is thinking about it. Tril talk.
Even if influential democrats see abortion as a fringe issue, it isn't. For example, remember Kos's willingness t
o be cavalierly dismissive regarding abortion.

C. The fact that regardless of your class, income, hood you live in, as a woman you either will be faced with an abortion question or childcare issue.

Which brings me to the following questions:

Why isn't childcare access AND Abortion AT THE CENTER of the democrats agenda. This is some sh*t that the working and the middle class can ride for. Women Vote. We have babies. Even if we personally don't have babies, our Momma's, Sisters, Best friends have babies, and they ALL HAVE ISSUES w/ childcare?

[2] Abortion and childcare affects women AND men across class.
From the UPS Momma, to the Wall Street momma. From the Fed Ex Daddy to the Professor Daddy. Real talk.

I read Ms. Magazine last weekend at the park.
^^^^Is what happens when you learn negros.


**Listening to Midnight Marauders** Blogging on a Saturday. Tummy full. Trader Joes in the fridge. Life is bueno.



Janine said...

kos! What's funny is that the first paragraph reads like a great cynical joke, then you realize kos is being an asshole for real.

As for the democrats, the party is all about the presidential race.

The candidates are talking about abortion, especially after the Gonzales v. Cahart ruling. Unfortunately, protecting abortion is more a matter of who's on the Supreme Court. The next president will do more for abortion rights through his/her Supreme Court appointments than in any other way.

I think the Republicans are a little more vocal about abortion, though, considering Giuliani, and considering the ability to invoke religion.

It's a divisive issue that's (wrongly) been simplified so that you're either for it or against it. Democrats give more attention to less polarized issues, issues that might take some of the more conservative voters.

People are a little stupid about taxes. We only want to hear that they're being cut or that richer people are being taxed more, and we're happy.

I looked, and Obama is against the marriage penalty and for tax credit for parents. Clinton has voted to reduce the marriage penalty, but she hasn't made it an issue for this election.

Clinton has always been about child care issues - it might be a 'been there, done that' thing with her. I don't know.

I'm kind of cynical about presidential elections and issues framed as women's issues.

M.Dot. said...


I have been thinking about you.

Haven't been able to get online since yesterday. Wireless acting hood.

How are you grades?

Can you believe that a Professor had the audacitity to CHANGE my grade,lowering it, after it had been posted for three weeks.

He made a "calculation" mistake.


ANY hoo.

Lets chat.

You seem to know alot about the dems.


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