Saturday, June 16, 2007

One Mans Chicken is Another Mans Steak *EDIT*


God is gettin in my @ss yall.

Thursday. BL e-mailed me about my post.


Yesterday I RAN into The Graduate.[<-----Got deaded in this post]

I was like what the F-ck? IS TL 'gon pop his
pronouncing foune @ss up. [HE got deaded in THIS post].

Prolly not, because HE SHOULD be in bar study :)

On top of that, a new jawn, is creepin' on the creep up come up.

You see, BL never read my blog when we were together,
who KNEW that he read it now?

However, The e-mail he sent was, er, reasonable.

But there was one line that had me like this N*GGUH? HUNH?

Secondly, I sent you that email about the Hip Hop thing in an effort to perhaps initiate some contact again without it being a large production you know?
I immediatly thought, oh, so contacting a b*tch gotta be a large production? Can't just send a email saying,
"what up m, its been a hot minute. Just checkin' for you. Have no mal intent. We bound to run into each other, just trynna see how your summer poppin' off."

As y'all know. I am one direct @ss black gurl.

In fact, in my dream last night, I was at a training at the SEC, in a small group session, and I was trying to get a word in, and this white dude kept interrupting me and the team leader let him do it. I turned into east oakland black gurl, and EVENTUALLY got my point across. Its was like, DAMMM, I gotta DO all 'LIS, to participate!

But. I digress.

So. I began thinking about how he could perceive recconecting w/ me as being a large production.

And, hey, everyone is entitled to their perceptions. NO?

And I thought about another situation earlier this week.


See, I was in a pinch, and I needed some help so I called the pet detective.

Now ol boy, man, I been trying bag for a hot minute. He's that DUDE. So he's doing his own thing. Not really pressed.
He allways takes my calls, even if its to say "lemme hit you back in 15".
And. He knows I hate asking for help. So, in the midst of asking, he was like, hole' up, lemme you send you this text which read,
"If I accept you as you are, I will make you worse; however if I treat you as though you are what you are capable of becoming, I help you become that"
Thats that trill. Like damn. Ol' boy is a f*cking rydah.

So just thinking about the contrast between reconnection consitituting a"whole production" vs the "let me treat you as though you are what you are capable of becoming". The distinction is not lost on me.

Which brings me to The Graduate.

Yesterday Im minding my own business. Doing ME.
At Barnes and Noble. Waiting for my date.

Im in mid convo w/ this random cat, breaking down John McWorter, and out the side of my eye, I peep, brown skin and broad shoulders and swag, b*tches, swag.

And I look up and, INSTANTLY SMILE, Hi [Insert Nickname here].

So I finish my McWhorter convo, kept it moving and The Grad comes back.

He has a book in his hands. Says it was a gift.
It is a book that he is clearly buying for a woman.
The kind of book that you buy for a woman that you adore.

Thank GAWD I was cayute yesterday.
Jeans wuz tiiiyuuut. <<<--Keeps it tiiiyut. Blouse was billowey, pink and transparent<<<<--NICE! We caught up a lil bit. PEEP THIS. I stood tall. DID not give 'em the new number! So. It went okay. Was my furst time experiencing something like that in a hot minute. Dude. Did I mention that he had the nerve to be bumping
Tribe in the pod?
God he fly!

All in all, I think I made it through that
interaction w/ my dignity intact.

Speaking of acting w/ dignity, lemme speak on your
boy SJ.

So. You ever be cool with somebody. Y'all talk on the phone?

There is a subcurrent of sexy tension there, but you don't pay it no mind.

Then they say something to you that clearly indicates that they are interested, like,
"Well, I didn't mean it like that, if it means that it would push you away from me"?
***Cues Bonita Appleum in my head ****.

I looked at the phone, like, I think this n*gga like me?
Here WE go.

Here is the rub. Old boy is heavy into jesus. I mean, my nick name
for 'em is Sweet Jesus, *wink nod wink*.

He KNOW im greasy. In fact one of my jokes is that if I walk
into a church, the altar would catch on fire.

However, several of my core principals, according to him,
are very Christian-like. I personally think they
are Buddhist, but tomatoTO-MAH-toe.

And I have allways had love for Jesus on the strength.
So we shall see how me and SJ turns out.

As for SJ, he's a stand up dude, he love Black
people, which is one of my biggest pre-reqs
along w/ being a b-boy and/or b-girl friendly.


Thats a lot of personal business in one post.
But sh*t.
Yall been here for the last 6 months of's trials and tribs,
can't start skimpin' now. LOL.



The Minority Reporter said...

Ummm i said i would comment buttttttttttttt I'll talk to u later

dang....i always be jeffin' for da pet detective...Go PD Go PD GO!!!!

M.Dot. said...

Go PD Go PD GO!!!!

You stooopid.

lightdigga said...

i would comment too but i am still scratchin' my head...too much friggin lingo for yo girl!



M.Dot. said...

Wachu mean too much.

Im bout to call you.

E. Brock said...

Wish I could say I know how it goes.

But seeing as I play on the other side of the ball, I'm used to being the gawker, not the gawkee. (Is that a word? It is now.)

If SJ is as fly as you describe him to be (I mean, the brother has Tribe in his iPod, how can he NOT be fly?) then stop with the screening process and give the brother a personal tour.


Through your mind,, through your mind.

M.Dot. said...

E Brock.
Good to hear from you.

If SJ is as fly as you describe him to be (I mean, the brother has Tribe in his iPod, how can he NOT be fly?)
The tribe lissner is your boy Graduate.
Here is the link.Blogged 'bout 'em.

He got deaded um, bout a month, ago, hence running into him being a bit of a prollem.

Scrool down, read about two weeks ago.

Your boy SJ.
Total B-Boy.
Lil' Anal tho.
Basicially a prollem'.
We will see. Might have to make me so revisions regarding jesus. LOL.

M.Dot. said...

The graduates post.

May 24th 2007. Titled "On Attraction".

neo said...

Well now you got options...

so I believe you'll pick the right one.

Meanwhile I had one rollercoaster of a week to put it best..interesting no less.

Nexgrl said...

I hate when you run into all of the past ones in the same day/week. You are right, it does put a smile on your face when you know you were looking your best at the time.

M.Dot. said...

Meanwhile I had one rollercoaster of a week to put it best
Frisky Nigerian.

The Minority Reporter said...

WTF is up with this **Edit** bidness?

im going home

M.Dot. said...

You look purrrrrty in your avi.


Yo ass ain't going home cuz yo scared a yo ahem........Not even gon' put it out there like that.

neo said...

Young I'mma call you back later today/night...

M.Dot. said...

Bet you will.

texas truth said...

If he digs Ralph, he's good peoples.

Daggummit, i'm gone one weekend and the floodgates open.

M.Dot. said...

and the floodgates open.

Isn' that how life happens?

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