Friday, June 08, 2007

Ex Boyfriends Can Choke..........


Not all of 'em.

A couple of my ex's have best friend status.

Ok. One. or Two.

But your boy BL gone e-mail me, w/ a fucking E-VITE to a Wu-Tang Documentry premier.

A. His @ss ain't e-mail me AT ALL in 2000 COTDAM 7. AND DO I look like I am not AWARE of ANY THING hip hop related. I write a Hip hop Blog for christs sakes.

B. Do I strike you as the kind of person who wants an evite from a n*gga I don't talk to?

C. I called his @ss after finals:
1. ) for the purpose of checkin in on him, b/c I sensed that a family member was ill, but I needed to get through finals before I could investigate.
2.) To determine if we are gonna be civil on the streets. You know, summer time, functions, you are bound to run into each other.

So I called him, mind you I ain't talk to him since Feb. This cat gonna tell me,

"Can I call you right back?"
"I pause and look at the phone. Then say "Naaaw. Don't trip. You ain't gotta call me back."
"Naw. I gotta take my clothes to the cleaners.
"[His cleaners got scandless assed hours].
We akwardly get off the phone.

He then calls me on the following Monday, three days later, talking some sh*t about how he got busy.

Man listen.

If I ain't like your phone habits when we were together, I sure as f*ck ain't gonna put up with that shit now.


Neo. I KNOW you gonna have some sh*t to say.



neo said...

No need to get yourself vexed

an ex is an ex is an ex (esp. when they ain't got any kind of friendship/ closeness status to you no mo')

You ain't obligated to him no mo' that junt died as soon as y'all broke up. Period.

You ain't gotta call..

You ain't gotta do jack squizziat..

I understand for the reason you did and that's honorable but no need to go overboard with effort ya digs?

It's aight ma..*hugs*

Anonymous said...

Yea, fugg him.

You don't owe him a thing. If he can't get at you right, he don't need to be gettin at you at all, and you def. don't owe him shizzit.

If you see him on the street, you ain't even obligated to acknowledge his wack azz.

M.Dot. said...

If you see him on the street, you ain't even obligated to acknowledge his wack azz.


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